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With anecdotal reports highlighting an increased demand for rural property as a result of COVID-19, some might wonder whether those seeking a sea and/or tree change are doing so on an on and off or more permanent basis.

According to Ross Squire Homes General Manager Steve Grehan, many have bought country lots with the idea of building a summer home for the holidays, though not all have necessarily been motivated by the pandemic.

“People have been sitting on blocks of land that they purchased many years ago as an investment and, now with the grants available, they have taken advantage and decided to build a holiday home,” he said.

Mr Grehan said the major difference between building your personal residence and a holiday home was holiday homes tended to focus on being easy care and low maintenance, designed with more of a lock-up-and-leave type attitude.

“You should certainly factor in items like barrier screens and doors, quality monitored security systems or even security cameras as a visible deterrent,” he said.

“Look for a home that is well suited to the conditions it will face. Will the home be near the coast or will it be nestled amongst trees? At the end of the day it is a holiday home, so the last thing you want to be doing whilst on holidays is maintenance on your home.

“So, select low-maintenance products that are sympathetic to the climate in which it will be.”

Mr Grehan said homes by the coast were generally faced with corrosive ocean winds, while a common problem for homes surrounded by bushland was that of falling leaves blocking gutters and causing leaks.

Noting the popular practice of turning holiday properties into short-term accommodation for other people as a means of earning extra income, Mr Grehan said security was important.

“This would be a consideration for a lot of people and an easy way for the home to pay for itself,” he said.

“Design considerations would have to be to provide secure areas for your own private use items, however, including lockable storerooms and cupboards.”

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