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Often, what we look for most in a home is intangible – a certain feeling or energy.

Whether it’s an inviting entrance, a relaxing living room or a cosy bedroom, colour therapist and Institute of Holistic Therapies Founder Corrine Brown believes the key to creating atmosphere is around us every day in the form of colour.

“We are surrounded by colour in our environment, a fact that is easily overlooked and underappreciated,” she told New Homes.

“Knowledge of colour concepts provides us with the understanding of different tones and the relationships between them, as well as how they impact us physiologically and psychologically.”

According to Ms Brown, for kitchens and living areas, whites are protecting and associated with purity, while greys are neutralising and represent intuition.

Adding blues will imbue peace and support memory, while browns and greens are also associated with nature and growth.

“In bedrooms, dark reds are conducive to powerful emotions of love and hate,” Ms Brown said. “The addition of black can create discord, but also helps repel negative energy.

“Look for shades that incorporate deep blues, which help to banish unhappiness.

“Additionally, a dark blue or indigo bedroom may help your quality of sleep.”

With more of us working from home, Ms Brown said some colours could help us to remain on task.

“Yellow is a go-to, as it supports knowledge, concentration and mental clarity,” she said.

“Additionally, orange increases mental focus, but also attraction due to the element of red, so too much may see you talking to anyone sharing your home office, rather than working.”

“Accent blues and purples will help you remain calm and avoid mental exhaustion, however, in excess, shades such as indigo can promote inertia.

“Greens will support communication, which may be useful to those whose jobs require a lot of calls.”

Annually revealing the trending colour forecast in design, Pantone named two colours of the year for 2021 – Illuminating, a shade of bright yellow, and Ultimate Grey.

Ms Brown said these colours balanced each other well and could be easily incorporated in places of thought and reflection, from home offices to garden areas.

“Neutralising greys are versatile tones that can help secure brighter, bolder tones in any hue,” she said.

“Yellow pairs well with blue, as it sits on the opposite end of the colour wheel, the same one you would have learnt about at school.

“Blues will imbue peace and support memory, while deeper blues will also help to combat unhappiness.”

Superfresco Easy Trend and Style Expert Paula Taylor said if you were looking to update your home with the trends, to be mindful of letting them take over.

“Avoid letting them dictate your big-ticket items like furniture or expensive art,” she said.

“Easily replaced cushions and decor items are a good place to start, but to really embrace the trend, opt for removable wallpaper like Superfresco Easy.”

Ultimately, however, Ms Taylor said colour was a personal decision.

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