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Thunderstorms have lashed NSW from the north to the south coast, and the state will enjoy only a brief respite before the rain falls again.

Widespread thunderstorm activity increased throughout Monday, with between 40mm and 50mm of rain falling across a broad area and some places copping an even larger drenching.

While the state’s northeast will receive storms and rainfall again on Tuesday, the rest of the state is expected to enjoy a fine day with sunshine, Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Helen Reid says.

But as the week progresses, a trough over the western part of the state is likely to move eastward.

Friday and Saturday should bring widespread rain and thunderstorms moving across the state, Ms Reid said in a statement .

The atmosphere in NSW has been humid for the past week, with the moisture coming down as rainfall.

The state is in a La Nina weather pattern, which means high humidity and above average rainfall. The La Nina pattern is expected to continue at least to early autumn.

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