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Mystery continues to surround the eruption of violence in a Canberra street that left a man dead and three other people seriously injured.

Multiple locations were cordoned off on Braine Street in suburban Page on Saturday morning after police arrived to find the man’s body, two injured men and an injured woman.

Officers went to the neighbourhood about 9am after reports of a disturbance, where they found a seriously injured man and provided initial treatment.

Soon after they were “rushed” by another man, forcing them to subdue him with a taser. He was arrested, and police then found the body of a man and a woman with “significant injuries”.

The woman and the two men were all taken to Canberra Hospital, where one of the men and the woman underwent surgery.

When contacted by AAP on Sunday, police were offering no new information about the case including what sparked the violence and the type of weapon or weapons that may have been involved.

Detective Superintendent Scott Moler told reporters on Saturday the task of processing the crime scenes was likely to take some time.

“This incident stretched over a number of properties,” he said.

Asked about the pair in surgery, he said: “They are in a very serious condition.”

Supt Moller said there was “no ongoing risk to the public” and it was not yet clear exactly what happened.

“We’re still working through all the issues in relation to the incident. We’re still piecing together the circumstances,” he said.

“I believe we’ll probably be here throughout the night and into tomorrow before we are really able to process all of the evidence at the scene.”

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