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Australians who install solar energy systems at their homes and businesses from December will have to comply with new rules designed to stop energy systems from tripping.

The Australian Energy Market Commission has announced new standards for household energy technologies that connect to the power system, like solar panels.

The standards will apply to inverters, the equipment that converts direct current to alternating current, so that electrical devices can function.

The rules are designed to ensure household energy systems don’t trip when the network has voltage disturbances.

The AEMC, which makes rules and gives advice to governments on energy, says the new standards will help Australia welcome more new technologies into the power system and improve grid stability.

“The more we keep the system stable, the more solar we can connect up and the faster we can decarbonise,” chief executive Bill Barr said in a statement.

It is looking into other changes to make sure the power system can handle more solar.

Possible changes include pricing incentives for owners of distributed energy resources like solar to export power when it’s most valuable to the system.

“The rapid uptake of solar means we must act now to make sure this technology and the system it uses work hand in hand,” Mr Barr said.

Almost three million households and small businesses have embraced solar power.

The new standards will only apply to new and upgraded systems, leaving existing systems alone.

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