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It might be time to ditch the glasses and/or contacts and live life a lot more clearer. Imagine waking up and never having to put them on or in ever again. Maybe you haven’t taken the plunge because you’re scared of surgery, it’s costly, you have a fear of rejection, or maybe, you’re just a bit complacent. But there are many positives that can outweigh the negatives. When we asked for his experience with laser eye surgery, Account Manager Dennie Chung said after wearing glasses for nearly thirty-odd years, it was quite a surreal feeling being able to see without any visual aids for the first time.

“I was pretty anxious right up to the moment I walked into the theatre, but once I was all prepped and the surgery started, I was fine, it was the quickest 20-minutes ever and I was surprised with how much I could see straight after the surgery,” Mr Chung said.

Annoyed he didn’t get the surgery sooner, he explained all the ways it had benefited his life —from travel to his morning routine— to stop you from sitting on the fence.


Dennie found travel easier after the surgery. No more feeling uncomfortable on the plane, having to pack contact lens fluid and replacement contact lenes in carry-on, or being scared of losing a contact lens on foreign land after rubbing his eye.

“It has happened before, and I’ve had to navigate my way back to the hotel with only having clear sight in one eye – it literally ruins the day,” he said.


No need to stress about whether your contacts will slip and slide away whilst swimming, and if outdoor adventures are your jam, then the surgery can enhance your overall experience and stop you from having less than ideal situations.

“Every time I went to the beach, my biggest fear wasn’t the sharks, it was the fear that I’d lose a contact lens whilst in the water, or I’d rub my eyes and my contact would get dislodged and I’d have to put it back in without any lens solution,” Dennie said.


It’s easy to get complacent when you have glasses or contacts, laser eye surgery means less cleaning and more living. Contacts can cause infections, so piece of mind is a huge benefit.

“I wore thirty-day sleep-in contacts however, I would still need to remove them to give my eyes a break from time to time,” Mr Chung said.

“I was prone to getting corneal ulcers from time to time which doesn’t happen anymore”.

His eyes would also get very tired and bloodshot – especially if he was wearing old contact lenses that were nearing the end of their life.

“This is no longer an issue, and my eyes are looking a lot healthier and no longer bloodshot,” he said.


Every minute counts in your morning routine, even if it’s a few extra minutes of valuable sleep.

“The extra five-minutes I get back from not having to clean and put my contact lenses in actually makes the biggest difference,” Dennie said.

The worst morning occurred when he went to clean his lens only to realise he was out of contact solution and felt forced to put in a semi-clean contact into his eye.

“It wasn’t the best practice, but I hated wearing glasses that much,” he said.


One of the main reasons people want to get this surgery is to stop all the hassles above, and have clearer and sharper vision.

“My reason was definitely for better vision because my eyesight was so poor,” Dennie said.

“The surgery has seriously been a life-changing procedure and my vision is so much better now than when I was wearing contacts,” he said.

When we asked him for some final advice he said if you’re on the fence, just go and book an appointment and get tested for suitability.

“Once you take that first step, everything else is easy”.

It’s time to own your vision, worry less and live more freely — and there are many options to help reach your goals. For people who need eye corrections, ask the team at Crystal Eye and Laser Center, they will help you gain spectacle independence from glasses or contact lenses and inspire you to stop relying on them. Visit the website for more: www.crystaleye.com.au.

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