$900 off Neo QLED, plus a $400 credit

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Save $902 + a $400 credit: Samsung’s 2021 85-inch 4K Neo QLED QN85A TV is $900 off at Amazon as of June 21 and comes with an extra $400 credit during Prime Day (June 21 and 22). If you include the credit, that makes it $3197.99 for this extremely high-end TV.

CES 2021 saw two main themes surrounding the future of TV: 8K is getting more affordable and QLEDs (the LEDs behind them — not the displays themselves) are getting smaller. LG and Samsung both announced mini QLED lines. 

Samsung’s 85-inch 4K QN85A TV sees a sweet 20% discount for Prime Day (compared to 7% to 9% off the smaller models), but it doesn’t end there. An inconspicuous “extra savings” link is chilling on the Amazon listing, tossing a $400 credit in when you enter code NDHW6CSMOF8F at checkout. The code is only valid between June 21 and 22, and the credit will be sent via email and expires on 11/30/21, giving you plenty of time to spend it.

Though that $400 can’t be applied directly to the TV purchase, it’s still $400 worth of free stuff that you may need to purchase on Prime Day — like early holiday gifts or a really nice soundbar. That’s technically a total savings of $1,302, which beats Samsung’s own sale price on the same TV.

Neo QLED is a new type of QLED — new and smaller. With Neo QLED, on top of the layer of filtered backlighting that creates images, Samsung has traded those traditional backlit panels for Quantum Mini LEDs that take up about .025% of the size of the old ones. That’s more room to pack more LEDs, and more LEDs means more nuance and precision.

In real life, this looks like enhanced brightness, crisper clarity, and starker black uniformity. Samsung’s Quantum HDR 24X also helps to saturate colors without the spectrum getting muddied or losing its luminance. Those small, customizable LEDs can be used to brightness, contrast, and warmth based on whether you’re watching a movie or something like live sports. 


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