Aldi customer spots rude detail in Farmwood T-Rex Chicken Nuggets

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A packet of innocent Aldi nuggets have gone viral after one customer noticed one of the chicken pieces had taken on a very, ahem, interesting shape.

The eagle-eyed shopper shared the accidentally X-rated find in the Aldi Mums Facebook group, writing, “Um Aldi … please explain.”

The accompanying photo showed how two nuggets from Aldi’s Chicken Breast T-Rex Bites had somehow fused together in a rather explicit way.

The post got hundreds of comments from other mums who saw the “hilarious” side to the find, questioning how this could have happened.

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“That’s how you get extra nuggies,” one person joked, while another said they were having “rexy time”.

“OMG how else did you think they were made?” one commenter wrote.

“That’s how Aldi makes so much money,” another shopper hypothesised. “They only put one of each in the box and the rest just magically appear!”

“Coming soon … Baby T-Rex Bites,” one person joked.

In a statement an Aldi Australia spokeswoman told, “We’d like to apologise for this isolated indiscretion from one of our family favourites. We ask you to give our T-Rex Bites privacy at this time.”

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Shopper’s rude find in Kmart product

Earlier this year a mum making her child an Easter hat made an interesting discovery in a packet of Kmart shredded paper.

“Thanks Kmart for the free extra in my shredded paper. This is perfect for my child’s Easter hat parade,” the woman captioned the images, posted in the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group, adding several laughing emojis.

The packet of mustard-coloured shredded paper also contained a rather phallic-shaped pink cut-out. “Shake the bag up and down to see what happens!!” one woman joked.

“It’s a new game … find the penis in the haystack!!” another added.

“I didn’t know Kmart sold confetti like that,” a stunned shopper wrote.

One amused woman commented that it “looks like it will be a happy Easter”, while another said, “Someone is out there laughing at what they’ve done.”

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