Aldi shopper shares laundry basket checkout hack

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Aldi staff are notorious for their speedy checkout skills leaving some customers feeling an abundance of pressure when packing their groceries.

Trying to keep up with the cashiers is a skill in itself. You have to be on your A-game because after all, who wants to be the “slow” one holding up the queue.

But one clever shopper has come up with a solution to help alleviate the pressure.

Instead of quickly trying to put all the groceries into a bag, the shopper who goes by the TikTok handle @1980gamer, suggests using laundry baskets with his clip attracting more than 37,000 views.

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“Just get all of your food like usual, then begin the checkout process by throwing all your food on the belt and then pay for your items,” he began the video while demonstrating what to do.

“Now, you see all these people wasting their time bagging their groceries? Yeah skip that.

“Just head to your vehicle with all your groceries loose in your cart.”

He then heads to the boot of his car which shows two white laundry baskets.

“Now for this hack to work you’re going to need two laundry baskets,” he advises.

“Start throwing your food into those laundry baskets.”

After the baskets are filled to the top and once you get home, he said it makes unpacking the items super easy.

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“I just saved you a tonne of time by skipping the bagging process with this great grocery hack,” he concludes the clip.

Hundreds have since flooded the comments section describing his hack as the “greatest idea”.

“Oh my god yes! I have been doing this for some time now,” said a fellow savvy shopper.

The US man shared the hack earlier this year with his video clocking more than 3.2 million views and after its success, he decided to share it again.

“OMG so genius, I never thought of laundry baskets,” one stunned user wrote.

To make the checkout process ever quicker, some suggested to load the trolley with the baskets.

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In fact last year, one mum went viral when she shared a photo using two large plastic tubs with handles whenever she shopped at the discount supermarket chain.

The tubs “fit perfectly into the trolley and so easy to get in and out of the car”, she wrote in her Facebook post at the time.

When it came to going through the cash register, the mum explained that she had a system that maximised space in the tubs.

“I put the heaviest items in the front tub so that they come out first onto the belt and then I distribute the heavy things evenly into the two tubs after they’ve been swiped through the register,” she said. “You’ll be surprised how much you can fit into them.”

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