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Oliver has been the most popular name for boys born in NSW for seven straight years, while Amelia moved up from number three to become the most popular girls’ name last year.

The NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages list of top 10 baby names in 2020 was released on Monday.

Tens of thousands of babies were born in NSW during the pandemic with the top three boys’ names – Oliver, Noah and William – the most popular for three years in a row.

Charlotte dropped to third place after being most favoured for the past three years running, beaten by Amelia and Olivia.

Isla shot up the charts over the past 10 years, climbing 18 spots in the girls’ list to place fourth, while Ava, Chloe, Grace and Sophia remain in the top ten.

Lucas, Liam and Henry gained ground in the boys’ list, while Mia, Jack, Thomas and James remain in the top 10 but moved down the ranks.

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