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WA sheep and lamb markets were stable last week with most processors holding their prices unchanged.

Lambs remain at 700¢ OTH and 320¢ liveweight on-farm. Mutton is currently bid at 580¢ after several strong weeks.

On the east coast, JBS is bidding 760¢ for lambs in February and 740¢ in March. Spot bids from other processors were similar to February forward rates. Mutton is hard to get a bid on over the hooks, but hoggets are bid 620¢c.

Wool finished the second week of the year even stronger than the first week. Chinese interest was the main driver for the EMI finishing the week +30 at 1202¢/kg.

Goat markets have been under pressure on the east coast. Depot bids dropped by around 20¢, quoting a higher AUD as a significant factor.

In general, it’s 400¢ for on-farm goats on the east coast. In WA, BRM remained at 720¢ for a 10-24kg frame and 785¢ for those over 24kg.

Cattle markets continued their push higher for both feedlots and processors. Feedlot prices increased by another 15¢ and processors by 10-20¢, depending on the specifications.

We have also seen the 100-day grain-fed premium (vs 70-day grain-fed market) almost completely gone as processors do whatever they can to keep their chains full.

Export prices have remained relatively stable, with northern feeder and slaughter steers bid 380¢, but with the market paying slightly more if stock can be found.

We are also seeing some refreshed Wagyu markets, with Napparoy Ag bidding 950¢/kg liveweight for full-blood Wagyu in Queensland.

Processor and feedlot market bids at the start of the week (¢/kg or $/head):

WA feedlots: British feeder steers 420¢ (Feb delivery).

East coast processor prices: 100-day grain-fed (HGP free): steers 700¢, heifers 695¢. Grass-fed: steers 695¢, heifers 690¢. Cows 620¢. Bulls 530¢.

Queensland feedlots: Black Angus: 475¢, Black Angus British X: 460¢, Wagyu X Angus: 650¢.

Queensland export orders: Brahman steers and bulls 380¢, bulls 380¢, heifers 360¢.

NSW/QLD feedlots (steers): Black Angus: 425¢. British, Euro X, Flat Back: 465¢, XB 445¢.

Wagyu (QLD, liveweight): 950c full-blood, 900¢ purebred and F2-F3 800¢.

China export orders: Heifers (unjoined): Friesians $2100 Holstein (200+kgs, no blood tests) $1000-$1200. Red Angus $1300.

Jersey unjoined heifers (200kg) $1200.

Full price grids and details for all these orders are available in the LIVEstock Pricing app and online at

Rob Kelly is the Founder and Managing Director of LIVEstock Pricing, a free service with the latest sheep, cattle and goat price grids in one easy-to-use app.

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