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Leica regularly release special edition cameras with different themes. Their latest special edition camera is inspired by professional photographers working in war zones.

The company says the Leica M10-P Reporter is an uncompromising reportage camera that is suitable for the most challenging conditions. It features a dark green scratch resistant finish with a tough kevlar trim made from the same bullet-proof material used in flack jackets protective clothing by the police and military.

The armour’s diamond-weave texture makes the “Reporter” especially grippy and comfortable to hold. With exposure to natural UV rays, the camera’s body armour will gradually turn the same colour as its top and base plate.

The camera is released as part of the celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award which recognises outstanding reportage photography.

Leica’s Stefan Daniel said the Reporter was inspired by professional photographers working in war zones. “”A couple of years ago we got to know about Gabriele Micalizzi, and him saying that a Leica saved his life.

“Micalizzi was photographing in Syria, and he was hit by shrapnel. He had one camera in front of his face and the other one in front of his chest, and without his Leicas maybe he would not be here, or he would have been much more seriously injured.”

The incident inspired Leica to honour the reporters and photographers who risk their life on a daily basis.

The Reporter is a variant of the Leica M10-P rangefinder camera and only 450 units are available world wide.

The Leica M10-P Reporter can be pre ordered at Leica stores and online now. In true Leica fashion, it’s not cheap — it cost $12,700, but it could save your life.

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