Campsite caretaker threatened with knife after hitting man’s dog with baseball bat on New Year’s Day | Ralph-Lauren

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A 36-year-old man threatened to kill a campsite caretaker who took a baseball bat to one of his dogs in Parryville on New Year’s Day.

Shane Anthony Ford appeared in Albany Magistrate’s Court last Thursday and pleaded guilty to threatening to kill the Boat Harbour Camp caretaker after an argument broke out about each other’s dogs.

Police prosecutor Sgt Dave Loverock told the court on January 1, Ford was having a few drinks with the 62-year-old caretaker.

The caretaker, whose dog was on a chain, had asked Ford to keep his dogs inside his vehicle, Sgt Loverock told the court.

The victim’s dog was then attacked by Ford’s dogs.

Ford accused the victim of killing his dog after he started hitting one of them with a baseball bat, the court was told.

“The dogs jumped out of the vehicle’s open window,” defence counsel Wendy Stewart said.

“(The victim) has taken a baseball bat to separate the dogs by hitting them, causing them to run away.”

Ms Stewart said her client claimed the victim’s pit bull became aggressive, prompting his dogs to protect him.

Ford left the camp area to go looking for his dogs, later returning to threaten the caretaker.

He thought the caretaker had killed his dogs, who were “like children to him”, Ms Stewart said.

Waving a knife around in the victim’s face, Ford told the victim: “I will shiv you”.

“In regards to the threats, Mr Ford had no intention of carrying them out,” Ms Stewart said.

“Drinking would have impaired both of you but making threats and waving a knife around would have been scary for witnesses,” Magistrate Dianne Scadden said.

“I think you will benefit from alcohol and psychological counselling.”

Ford was placed on a 12-month intensive supervision order.


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