Canberra woman eats McDonald’s delivered to wrong address

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Canberra mum Rebecca Morris was taking the bins out when she spotted someone’s late-night Maccas order, and before long she was tucking in.

A woman’s evening went from average to exceptional this week after a fast food meal unexpectedly ended up in her possession.

Rebecca Morris was about to go to bed on Tuesday night when she became the lucky recipient of a large McDonald’s Big Mac and fries, ordered by an unwitting UberEats user.

The Canberra local noticed it outside her neighbour’s door at about 11.30pm and messaged her to let her know, but as it turned out, it wasn’t hers.

“To me, that meant it was fair game,” Ms Morris told

The hungry mum said she had only eaten a “healthy salad and boiled egg for dinner”, and being half asleep at the time, “decided it was finders keepers”.

She said the meal, which had been ordered at 8.12pm, was thoroughly enjoyed and sent her straight to sleep.

In a post to a local community group, she addressed the person who placed the order, saying: “I appreciate you more than you can possibly imagine”.

She also broke the news that sadly they did not win anything in the fast food restaurant’s current Monopoly promotion game.

Ms Morris shared a photo of the burger – with a few bites missing – and fries on a plate, in the hope it would help its rightful owner claim a full refund.

She confirmed she still had the receipt if they needed further evidence the meal had been delivered to the wrong place.

More than 200 people expressed their enjoyment of her experience, many celebrating the win with her.

“The most important thing is you HAD the salad and egg. Well done you, my hero,” one person wrote in a comment.

“Love that you served it on a plate,” another said.

“Damn girl. Gotta love you though,” a third wrote.

Ms Morris said the person behind the order had yet to come forward.

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