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There were emotional scenes in Tuesday’s Survivor tribal council, as one person played her immunity idol for a tribemate – only to be booted out from the tribe.

The Brains tribe were back at tribal council in the latest episode, and real estate agent Cara stood up when host Jonathan LaPaglia made the familiar call for anyone who’d like to play a hidden immunity idol.

Cara presented her idol – and announced she’d be playing it for political operative George, one of this season’s most divisive players.

George was stunned, immediately welling up as he processed her selfless act.

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“Why did you do that?” he asked her.

“Because I wanted to,” she said.

“You shouldn’t have done it,” he told her, tears streaming down his face.

And then the votes rolled in: Four for George – none of which were counted – three for Cara and three for Georgia. The tie forced a revote, and this time, Cara was voted out.

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George, still clearly in shock, hugged his tribemate, confused as to why she would’ve fallen on her sword for him.

“You’re so selfless,” he told her.

“I’m a mum,” was her response, before LaPaglia snuffed her torch and sent her packing from the Brains tribe.

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But wait – there’s hope for Cara yet. Out of sight from the Brains tribe, she came across a sign: “YOUR TRIBE MAY HAVE SPOKEN BUT YOUR GAME IS NOT OVER … ANOTHER TRIBE IS WAITING FOR YOU. TAKE THIS TORCH AND JOIN THEM.”

That’s right, Cara will re-join the game – this time on the Brawn tribe. But will she get a warm welcome from the tribe who up until now have been her sworn enemies?

Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn continues 7:30pm Sunday on Ten.

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