Celebrity Apprentice star Martha shuts down radio interview over cash question

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Ousted Celebrity Apprentice star Martha Kalifatidis’ latest radio interview went south this morning when the hosts asked for more detail about an infamous salary brag she’d made on the show.

Martha was fired in Monday night’s episode after a “really bad” last-ditch pitch to boss Lord Alan Sugar in which she said winning the season would give her “so many opportunities” and prove that she was “not just an influencer”.

Speaking on-air with HIT Queensland’s Breakfast with Cliffo & Gabi, Martha dropped a few interesting revelations about her time on Celebrity Apprentice, revealing that she started filming before she’d even signed her contract, such was her reluctance to return to reality TV after first finding fame on Married At First Sight.

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But her mood appeared to change when the hosts played audio of a controversial sound bite from earlier in the season.

“They just think I’m a beauty influencer. They don’t understand: I’m a beauty influencer who probably makes your yearly wage in a month,” Martha was heard saying in the clip.

“Because you put that on national TV, it is the question on everybody’s lips: Can you answer how much you make?” Gabi asked the reality star, who immediately shot down the question.

“No way. That was just a silly, funny line for TV. I’m never going to answer that. I copped so much sh*t for saying that, because god forbid a woman is successful.

“God forbid a short, chunky little Greek girl like me is successful – like no, I should just be serving you in a cafe or taking your fish and chips order, there’s no way that I….”

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“I think you’re reading a bit too much into Gabi’s question,” co-host Cliffo interjected.

“No. It’s a silly thing I said in passing and I literally have not been able to live it down,” Martha continued.

“People have made so many articles about it, so many people have asked me … come on guys, surely. You guys are in the industry, you know (the statement was) just something silly.”

The interview briefly got back on track after the hosts asked Martha about her mother’s current stint on Big Brother, but one last question from Gabi seeking advice about “how to get extra Instagram followers” didn’t seem to go down well – Martha had already left the call without saying goodbye.

“She’s gone. Yeah … I think that was a deliberate hang-up,” said Cliffo.

“We’ll make a note; we won’t go live with Martha again.”

Elsewhere during her post-Celeb Apprentice interview rounds this morning, Martha admitted her final boardroom speech “looked really bad” and said she didn’t want to make excuses for it.

“It was entertaining, it was funny … everyone who was on the show with me, my friends, my family, they know what I’m like. The show’s entertaining, I won so much money for charity, what more can I ask for?” she said.

She also said she wished the show had featured scenes where she wasn’t “being a total b**ch,” calling the edit “upsetting”.

“It would’ve been nice if they’d shown another side to me, but it is what it is,” she said.

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