Chris Hemsworth teased by brother Luke for ‘out of proportion’ Instagram pic

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Even Chris Hemsworth isn’t safe from an older-sibling wisecrack.

The 37-year-old Thor actor posted an innocent photo with his son and a menagerie of animals this week, pulling his best blue steel pout with a rabbit, lizard and budgies gathered around him.

But brother Luke Hemsworth was quick to point out an odd detail in the photo, poking fun at his bulked-up sibling in the process.

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“A little side hustle I got goin, pet detective. Just returned these animals to its rightful owner. My son. He’s trying to repay with love. I’d prefer cash,” Chris captioned the snap.

Luke, 40, weighed in, “Dude your head looks enormously out of proportion!? Maybe lay off the dairy? @chrishemsworth”

He wasn’t the only one to notice, with one fan writing, “Is it just me or does this look like a Chris Hemsworth bobble head?”

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It’s not the first time Luke has publicly sledged his younger brother.

In May, the Hollywood star, who is known for his intense workouts, posted a photo of himself on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder walking hand-in-hand with one of his sons.

While it was hard to miss his huge biceps, his fans couldn’t resist pointing out the comparatively small size of his legs.

As fans flooded the post with comments, Luke posted a brutal quip: “Bro?! You’ve been skipping leg days again?!”

What are big brothers for?

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Luke is the oldest Hemsworth brother to Chris and Liam, and is known for his recurring role on the hit HBO series Westworld.

Last year, the actor told he came within a whisker of being able to add Han Solo to his acting resume.

“I’ve definitely auditioned for Solo, Han Solo. I really wanted that,” he said.

“That one really hurt more than others because I wanted it so much.

“You develop a thick skin fairly quickly because more often than not you’re getting turned down.”

Discussing the audition process further, Luke, who moved from LA to Byron Bay where Chris lives with his family last year, described it as an “alien environment.”.

“The nature of auditions is you never get feedback,” he said.

“They’re usually pretty weird. You’re just in a chair. It’s really hard.

“Confidence is sometimes … It’s bullsh*t. It’s a bravado.

“You’re pretending, you’re just trying to get through a performance that doesn’t look like you’re sh*tting yourself,” he said.

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