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While flat walls, square bedrooms and straight-edged bathrooms are common features of our homes, a resurgence in more complex architecture is taking hold in custom home design.

Weststyle Lead Architect Mary Ong said architectural principles incorporated in various iconic structures around the world were being introduced in residential builds.

“Curves in architecture is a concept that has been around for a long time,” she said. “Iconic buildings such as the Guggenheim, Sydney Opera House, Elrod House, even the Colosseum, will show you that it is not just a trend.

“Translating these concepts into residential design can be costly and daring but, if designed and executed well, can be very successful and bring a unique point of difference to your home.”

Ms Ong said incorporating curves into a design could soften the structure of a home, but it needed to be done throughout to keep the aesthetic consistent.

“Curves are successful when introduced into certain design elements to soften the architecture,” she said. “They can have a timeless aesthetic and be achieved through curved walls, arched openings, cabinetry details and more.

“When designing a home, it is essential to maintain a design aesthetic throughout – this allows the entire home to tell the same story. This is done through form and materiality.”

When building a curve-heavy home, future furniture purchases also need to be considered to match the softness of the architecture. Ms Ong said the need for curved and custom furniture was dependent on how much curved architecture was incorporated in the structure of a home.

“This will all depend on how far you take the idea of the curve,” she said. “Western Australia has plenty of skilled craftsmen that can assist with custom-made furniture pieces to accentuate curved design, but some curved designs don’t call for custom pieces – in spaces generous enough, it can work with more common-shaped furniture.”

Ms Ong said the cost of curves was dependent on where they were located in the home and the material used.

“Definitely an internal or external curved wall will be a more expensive detail,” she said. “Plastering or finishing this wall requires high-quality workmanship, but done well it can achieve stunning results.

“Other options, such as in cabinetry, can be slightly more expensive but it creates an aesthetic effect that is worth the cost.”

Ms Ong described some of the standout Weststyle homes which highlighted this curved architecture, both located in City Beach.

“One recently completed project is a large home and has a curved and splayed balcony balustrade with an expertly plastered finish,” she said.

“Here it brings a unique point of difference to the front facade, softening the architecture of strong lines and heavy forms. The entry feature facebrick wall also curves in towards the entry, gently inviting you inside.

“The master ensuite shower design is a standalone tiled mosaic semi-circle with a complementing skylight above.”

Ms Ong said the other City Beach home, named the ‘Branksome’, had sections of the home designed in a perfect circle.

“Inspired by John Lautner’s architecture, a perfect circle embraces the surrounding coastal environment,” she said.

“This stunning contemporary home pivots around a central helical staircase with light penetrating from a skylight above.

“Living, dining, kitchen and outdoor spaces are segments of a circular design with a 16m radius. This is held up perfectly by concrete pillars, perching the main living spaces above sleeping quarters and other areas.

“Floating above a pool, spa and outdoor entertaining space all reflecting the organic approach of the Lautner-inspired masterpiece.”

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