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Smart building materials company, ClearVue Technologies has moved towards a “game changing” collaboration with Dutch company, eLstar Dynamics that aims to create self-powered autonomous windows capable of integrated energy production and lighting control. A term sheet has been executed in anticipation of forming a joint venture that will look to develop and commercialise a product suite combining the technologies of the two companies.

The proposed equal joint venture is set to be established in the Netherlands and will build on ClearVue’s collaboration agreement signed with eLstar last April.

Under the signed term sheet that will pave the way for the joint venture, each company will look to licence its technology and intellectual property to enable development and commercialisation of the new products.

ClearVue says the technology combination will create windows that are highly energy efficient, can generate their own power, improve building user comfort and allow for automatic control of lighting levels.

ClearVue is very pleased to be working with eLstar Dynamics in what both companies believe will create a game changing solution and new product category – windows and glazing that both generates power and then uses part of that power to operate eLstar’s autonomously tintable glazing layer to control light levels into a building or vehicle – all at the same removing the need for curtains, blinds and other window treatments.

eLstar Dynamics CEO, Mr Anthony Slack added:

“The idea that we can combine technologies with such enormous long-term potential, to address the ecological efficiency of both existing and future building stock is, to say the least, compelling.”

“With the combination our two highly complementary technologies, and the clarity of vision that both companies have to addressing this challenge we believe the combination of our two technologies together could well advance the environmental contribution of a wide range of applications by years.”

Mr Slack said a “massive stock of existing buildings globally” could be in line to adopt the new technology to increase energy efficiency.

The retrofit market has been pivotal in the ClearVue’s marketing efforts targeting major global metropoles such as New York and Chicago where heritage restrictions often prevent significant changes to the exterior of buildings.

The company believes the combined products from the eLstar joint venture will suit the restoration market, enabling refitting of existing windows without a need for expensive and complex wiring .

ClearVue recently announced the development of single-glazed and double-glazed designs to extend its core triple-glazed photovoltaic integrated glazing units. The company believes the single-glazed product can complement eLstar’s offering for the burgeoning ‘green’ automotive industry.

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