Cloud band brings heavy rain to east

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A band of rain, some 3500 kilometres long, stretching from the Top End to the south of mainland Australia is set to bring a drenching across large swathes of the country over the coming days.

“Widespread rain will soak multiple Australian states after a northwest cloud band developed earlier this week,” Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne said.

Up to 30mm of rain could fall on Adelaide over the next 48 hours where a severe weather warning is in place for damaging winds and abnormally high tides.

Melbourne could see heavy rain on Friday, Brisbane is looking at up to 20mm on Sunday alone, while Canberra is also due to get a dumping.

Darwin has seen “unusual” rain given it’s the middle of the dry season. Meteorologists have predicted that this winter could see more rain than usual over the Top End which would then filter towards the nation’s southeast.

The cloud band stretches from northwest Western Australian and the Northern Territory, down through inland Queensland and into NSW heading to Victoria.

The stretch of rain it’s bringing easily covers several thousand kilometres.

At the same time, a spiralling low-pressure system in The Bight is heading through South Australia, Victoria and into NSW.

“It will be a very good soaking for our farmers,” Ms Osborne said.

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The weather drama has already hit South Australia with a gust of 107km/h at Cape Willoughby on Kangaroo Island overnight.

“Very strong winds will be whipping up across South Australia including Adelaide, with the strongest winds gradually easing into the afternoon,” Ms Osborne said.

“But it will remain windy and the winds will be strong enough to cause power outages from fallen trees.”

Adelaideshould see 6-20mm of rain today and potentially another 10mm on Friday with further showers into the weekend. Temperatures will top out in the mid-teens and fall to around 8C overnight.

Towards the end of this week that low-pressure system will sweep towards Victoria, bringing some windy conditions but it won’t be as dangerous as in South Australia.

There will be up to 10mm of rain in Melbourne on Friday and more rain for the weekend. It will only reach 13-14C on Friday and into the weekend with minimums around 8C.

Tasmania should miss the heaviest falls, with a shower or two on Friday delivering around 3mm of moisture and similar on Saturday. Maximum temperatures will sink to just 11C by Sunday. At dawn most days it will peak at 6-7C.

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That low-pressure system and the rainband will bring some good falls to inland areas of NSW and the ACT, particularly the southern ranges.

AfterCanberra had an absolutely soaking yesterday, it will continue to be chilly with highs of 12-14C and then down to zero on Sunday morning.

Heavy rain in Albury will continue with up to a further 35mm across the weekend. There are also showers forecast for Orange and Armidale – showing just how far he rain band stretches in a single state.

However little of that moisture will touch the coast, so Sydney, with not much more than a cloudy weekend for The Harbour City. Maximums will be around 20C for the next few days and 9C minimums.

There will be showers inBrisbane until Sunday with Saturday particularly wet. There could be up to 30mm falling on the city by the time the weekend is out. The Gold Coast is also looking soggy with potentially 20mm on Saturday alone.

Temperatures will be mild in the Queensland capital with highs of 20C and lows of 15C.

Rain as far north as Rockhampton is on the cards for the weekend while inland areas including Longreach, Charleville and Emerald could see some rain on Friday.

In comparison, Darwin’s projected rain is set to be just a few millimetres today. However, stated the Bureau of Meteorology, that is “unusual, but not unheard off” during the dry season.

A few spits and spots in the Top End over the next couple of days. Otherwise the days will be sunny reaching 30C and dropping to 22C.

It will be settled inPerthfor the next few days topping out at 20C or a smidgen below but cold in the early AM at just 5C. Sunday could be wet however with up to 20mm falling on the city.

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