Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Situation


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the country’s economy will reopen when the government begins scaling back welfare cuts. Mr. Frydenberg said it would take up to a year for Australia to repay the borrowed money to respond to the virus. As part of a series of restrictions, Australia has been banned from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since the end of March. 

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Local transmission has been contained to such an extent that the outbreak is now largely under control and the tree trunks – in sheds – have been flat for almost three weeks. This appears to indicate the success of efforts to contain the spread of the virus in China, according to the WHO

The Australian government claims to have tested the virus in South Korea, where an extensive testing program is underway. In Australia, there were about 260 cases out of a million, according to updated figures from the Australian Bureau of Health and Human Services. 

So far, the measures taken in Australia, combined with the use of antiviral drugs and other measures, have potentially helped to reduce infection rates. 

On April 7, pharmacists reported having issued more flu shots in three weeks than during the entire 2019 flu season. In late March, the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (ANHRC), Australia’s national health agency, urged Australians to get vaccinated as early as possible. There have been 16.5 million doses this year, about two-thirds of Australia’s population, said Dr. Michael O’Brien, director of the Melbourne-based Collaborating Infectious Diseases Research Centre (CIDRC). 

By April 14, 61 Australians had died of COVID 19 and 6,377 people had tested positive. At that number, it would be a record for Australia, “Barr said, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Healthline. 

More than 270,000 people have tested positive for COVID 19 in Australia, leading to one of the highest test rates in the world, according to the CDC. The vast majority of these people are travelers returning from overseas, either from America, Europe, or from cruise ships. Australia’s high testing rate helps reduce community transmission because people who test positive are required to isolate themselves. 

Housing means people live in aged care facilities subsidized by the Australian government, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. 

This graph shows the number of confirmed deaths and cases recovered from people receiving subsidized care in their own homes from the Australian government. The following graph shows both the number of active COVID confirmed and restored cases and the percentage of people receiving state-subsidized home care in all Australian states and territories. In NSW, no cases or deaths have been reported in nursing homes across Australia, but the cases are being revisited. 


We expect Australian politicians to focus heavily on the impact COVID 19 has on the Australian health system. Australia’s strategic and policy assumptions, which some of them have long advocated, should be examined as the pandemic spreads rapidly and could quickly overwhelm our underfunded health systems. Given the fragile nature of regional security dynamics, Morrison and his government should seek a further review of existing acquisition commitments and budgeted capabilities development programs, particularly with regard to COVID 19. 

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovations (CEPI) was created last year to bring together the Australian government, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC), and the Department of Health to accelerate vaccine development. 

CEPI is currently supporting the race to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. New Zealand has one of the highest test rates in the world and collectively, slowly and cautiously, we would help to brace ourselves for this new wave, “Ardern said. 

If you don’t lock them up early and aggressively, that can lead to 1,000 cases a day, “he said, and the latest figures show the Australian economy is in trouble. Australia’s financial markets, the world’s second-largest economy after the US, have faltered. 

Closures and restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus have forced thousands of shops to close, including gyms, cafes, theatres, and shops. 

The WA government has announced a $444 million package to boost the housing market to give a significant boost to WA’s economic recovery and support the construction sector. The massive stimulus packages have sent public debt soaring, and unemployment is expected to double to 10%. 

This comprehensive housing package will allow West Australians to build new homes and create more social and affordable housing for themselves. If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia, you will be subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine and a $1,000 fine. You are not permitted to travel within the country, including to and from your home, until you have fulfilled the prescribed period of 14 days. Australian citizens and permanent residents with continued domestic connections to the United States of America, Canada, and Australia. 



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