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A tropical low that threatened to become far north Queensland’s second cyclone of the season has dissipated but flash flooding remains a risk.

The Bureau of Meteorology says the system in the Gulf of Carpentaria, west of the Cape York Peninsula, moved over land on Monday morning.

Meteorologist Rosa Hoff says the system’s passage over land has prevented the storm from strengthening into a cyclone.

It will no longer bring gale-force winds to the region but will still lead to higher than normal tides and heavy rainfall.

Downpours of 100mm to 180mm in just six hours are expected, with flooding a risk.

“Heavy rainfall which may lead to flash flooding remains a threat for central parts of the Cape York Peninsula all the way through until tomorrow,” Ms Hoff said in an alert.

The storm is expected to track east of the peninsula and out over the Coral Sea.

Cyclones in the region can be slow moving, erratic and change direction, which makes predicting their path more challenging.

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