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Talks to form a new Dutch government have been postponed until mid-August as conservative caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the leader of the second-largest party began writing a draft coalition pact.

Rutte and Sigrid Kaag, the leader of the centre-left D-66, are expected to put together a framework for the country’s COVID-19 recovery and climate policies and will then seek support from at least two other parties to achieve a majority in parliament.

Rutte, one of Europe’s longest-serving prime ministers, had hoped to quickly embark on his fourth term in office after his VVD Party won general elections in March with 24 per cent of the vote.

But his position came under scrutiny days later after he was accused of lying over remarks made during talks to form a cabinet.

A patchwork political landscape means Rutte may fail to garner the parliamentary support he needs.

The likely third party in his coalition, the Christian Democrats, have also lost one seat since the election with influential lawmaker Pieter Omtzigt leaving the party to sit as an independent.

The record time taken for a Dutch government to be formed after an election is 225 days, for Rutte’s previous cabinet.

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