For a second straight year, corella bodies are littering Nhill Lake and its surrounds | Ralph-Lauren

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Dozens of dead birds have been found on and around Nhill Lake for a second year running, with state bodies investigating potential reasons.

Nhill Lake Committee president Stuart Bone says he is still working to remove around 30 dead corellas from the water near the Wimmera town, after first being notified two weeks ago.

It follows dozens of bird bodies being found at the lake around May, 2020.

Little Corella
Little corellas are maligned for the damage they can cause to turf and orchards. (

Flickr: Ron Knight


“[The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning] then had some inspectors come up and have a look, they have also had Agriculture Victoria collect some birds for testing but, at this stage, we haven’t heard anything back on any causes.

“They did inspections last year but couldn’t find anything in the autopsies that was blatantly the cause, and I suspect there will be a similar finding this time.”

Mr Bone said DELWP had informed him there were no risks to public health at the lake.

“I actually think it might not be anything in the lake,” he said.

A DELWP spokesperson says investigations into the most recent dead bird find are in their early stages, but made no further comment.


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