Former Major General says Australia-US have only slim chance against China

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One of Australia’s top military figures has given a grave warning about the true threat China poses to our nation.

Former major general of the Australian Army and current Liberal senator Jim Molan told 4BC on Tuesday Australians needed to begin to accept and prepare for a war with our increasingly aggressive neighbour.

“War is more likely than most people are prepared to admit,” Senator Molan warned.

“China and national security are the most dangerous issue for us.”

Senator Molan warned against the assumption America would protect Australia from China, stressing the US army is weaker than most people realise.

The former General said classified war game exercises had been leaked to the public showing the US army would likely be defeated if a conflict with China was to occur.

“The Americans are in a rather crude form – they’ve had their arses handed to them. They’ve been beaten in this series of war games,” Senator Molan said.

In the event of a confrontation over Taiwan, Senator Molan warned America was also likely to lose, leaving Australia to fend for itself.

“If the Americans do go in and try and attack Taiwan and they lose – and there is a fair probability that they will – then we (Australia) are on our own,” he said.

But Australians were warned we can’t depend on the strength of our own defence forces, either.

Senator Molan praised the “brilliant” and “clever” Australian Defence Force (ADF), but stressed it simply was no match for China, which possesses the largest military in the world.

“The ADF is so small … it will not last for more than a few days,” he said.

“It can’t fight hard enough. It’s not big enough, it doesn’t have the mass to defend this country.

“Even in 10 years’ time, we will have a military which is still not lethal enough.”

But Senator Molan said it was not all doom and gloom for Australia, highlighting that the primary global conflict was between China and the US; not China and Australia.

“I don’t believe that we (Australia) will be attacked. China’s aim is not us. China’s aim is America,” he said.

And although the former General believes war is “likely”, he does not think it is inevitable.

For the time being, Senator Molan says Australia’s military should go back to the drawing board, remain prudent about the potential for war, and focus on our own domestic strategic security.

One of the first steps, according to Senator Molan, is to take back the Port of Darwin.

“Darwin is absolutely critical, because our ability to project power to defend ourselves depends on bases,” he stressed.

The Port of Darwin has belonged to the Chinese state-owned corporation Landbridge since 2015, after the Country Liberal Party of the Northern Territory government awarded the corporation a 99-year-lease of the port.

Darwin has always been of key strategic importance to Australia given its proximity to the increasingly contested Asia-Pacific.

However, in recent years this importance has grown exponentially as China’s economic and military might – along with its global aggressiveness – have increased significantly.

“Taking Back Darwin would be an indication of self-confidence, of concern, of determination and of resolve. That’s why I believe we should do it,” Senator Molan said.

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