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Former West Australian Test cricketer Stuart MacGill says he is haunted by memories of being allegedly kidnapped and threatened at gunpoint over a failed cocaine deal.

The City Beach-raised spin bowler was allegedly grabbed and forced into a van on Sydney’s lower north shore, taken to a derelict farmhouse, stripped naked and threatened with a gun on April 14.

“I just didn’t really know what was going to happen, that’s all,” Mr MacGill told A Current Affair on Monday night.

“I sort of talk to myself all the … I was just running different scenarios through in my head.”

Four men have since been charged with the alleged abduction, including the brother of Mr MacGill’s partner Maria O’Meagher — Marino Sotiropoulous.

Mr MacGill claims he had been caught up in a situation he did not understand and that both he and Ms O’Meagher were innocent.

“I know that I have done nothing wrong, Maria has done nothing wrong,” Mr MacGill said.

Stuart MacGill interviewed on A Current Affair.
Camera IconStuart MacGill interviewed on A Current Affair. Credit: A Current Affair/A Current Affair

“If people choose to think something contrary to what’s been presented by both myself and the police, then that’s up to them.”

Police say MacGill had unwittingly found himself at the centre of a $2 million drug deal between two groups.

When the deal fell through Mr MacGill became a target for extortion and was allegedly kidnapped.

Mr MacGill will not be charged over the incident and it is not suggested he was involved in the alleged drug deal.

He denies any knowledge of the alleged drug deal when he introduced Mr Sotiropoulos to an associate known as Sonny.

Mr Sotiropoulos is accused of supplying Sonny — also known as Zac — with cocaine after Mr MacGill introduced the pair at Greek restaurant Aristotle’s.

The restaurant is run by Mr MacGill and Ms O’Meagher.

“We consider ourselves to be the innocent parties in this one. Part of hospitality is making sure the room works. We introduce people to other people all the time,” Mr MacGill claimed.

Stuart MacGill in 2018.
Camera IconStuart MacGill in 2018. Credit: Rick Rycroft/AP

“We introduce people to other people as a matter of building, generating a bit of heat around the venue and that’s pretty much all you need to know.”

After the alleged cocaine deal failed, Mr Sotiropoulos is accused of demanding $150,000 from Mr MacGill as compensation for “vouching” for Sonny.

When asked about Sonny during Monday night’s interview, MacGill became testy and refused to be drawn on their relationship.

“He’s somebody we met through the restaurant and that’s all I’m pretty much prepared to say about it,” he said.

Mr MacGill also defended his honesty with the detectives investigating his abduction and six-day delay in reporting it to police.

“I was in pain, and also just the way it fell, it fell over the weekend, so couldn’t get any advice from either the police or lawyers until that time and, as you’re free to read in the statement that’s been quite readily thrown about,” Mr MacGill said.

“I wasn’t thinking particularly clearly in those first couple of days.

“If people choose to think something contrary to what’s presented by both myself and the police, then that’s up to them.”

Mr MacGill claims the Aristotle’s closure this month had come as a result of a toll of the alleged kidnapping, but it was not the only thing he and Ms O’Meagher had lost as a result of the incident.

“We’ve lost friends, we’ve lost family,” he said.

“I don’t know when I’m going to be able to work again, certainly not until this is all done with.

“And I think the weight of this on my shoulders and Maria’s shoulders, you know, it can’t be underestimated.”

A composite image of a man police would like to speak to over the alleged kidnapping.
Camera IconA composite image of a man police would like to speak to over the alleged kidnapping. Credit: A Current Affair/A Current Affair

The interview also revealed new information about Sonny, who is described by police as a “Middle Eastern male, mid-thirties, chubby appearance, full face beard, brown eyes”.

New CCTV footage reveals two new suspects walking into Bunnings hours before Mr MacGill’s abduction.

“They bought some items that we believe is associated with the incident, so we are very keen on identifying and speaking with those two males,” Detective Superintendent Andrew Koutsoufis said.


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