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Package deal Amber and Jai leave she show for good, but the true travesty is that Dean never did a paternity test and we will never know if he’s really Jai’s dad.

Dean is contemplating whether he loves Amber – the mother of his son – or not when Ari takes him fishing because through the medium of putting a hook in a fishes mouth then eating it, it’s widely accepted that it’s okay for men to talk about their feelings.

Gone fishin’.
Camera IconGone fishin’. Credit: Channel Seven

Dean says that “I like her heaps” which isn’t doing much to help his cause before later admitting to Amber that he’s still in love with Ziggy, his ex who broke up with him because he played a role in dead Ross’ murder.

“So that’s it, we’re done?,” Dean asks completely dumbfounded.

What did Dean expect? He take the master, Amber would go back to bunking with their five-year-old and and they’d live happily ever after?

Now he’s alone again because he didn’t tell Amber he loves her and she’s taken Jai away from him as punishment because she’s that petty and vindictive.

It’s all quite amicable, both for Amber and Home and Away standards, but town gossip John Palmer did play a small part in it.

Amber is still bawling her eyes out when John tells her to walk away before her relationship gets “toxic”. He clearly hasn’t been watching MAFS.

“You’re his dad, none of this changes anything,” Amber says as she and Jai pile into the car, which really means we’ll never see them again.

You did this to yourself Dean.
Camera IconYou did this to yourself Dean. Credit: Channel Seven

“It sucks,” Jai says.

I’m just glad this ridiculous story line has come to an end, no matter what the cost.

Honourable mentions to go Irene who is in the middle of Justin and Leah’s debacle over Susie.

“Oh my godfather,” Irene exclaims before she suggests Leah let the police handle Susie’s investigation and “call the cops”.

Pipes up when it counts.
Camera IconPipes up when it counts. Credit: Channel Seven

“We have you but you know how long they take,” Leah says.

I really do enjoy how little trust there is in the Summer Bay Police Department.

Irene pipes up again and regales how one minute she was fighting with Susie and next thing she’d been casually poisoned.

And more hands on and public flirting from Anna and Ari.

We get it, they’re in love which is more than most of the other characters can say.

However the topic of having a baby comes up which Mia isn’t ready to talk about given her heartbreaking history of mismarriages.

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