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Another cracking night for the “family show” including themes of violence (a shanking, finally), alcohol abuse, sex and not one but two new characters arriving in the bay to stir up trouble.

We start the first of tonight’s many events at the prison.

Bella can’t handle not knowing what happened to Colby – who is in solitary confinement – but as it turns out, guards aren’t as heartless as Dean says and they pass on a note from Colby addressed to Bella.

Dean is just about to give the letter to Bella, when Nikau appears – oh yeah, he’s back from New Zealand – and she pats his face a bit like a dog to familiarise herself with him.

Nikau excuses himself to deal with some “family stuff” which is very convenient because Gemma, his mum, just gave Nikau his dad’s Pounamu necklace – a treasured family heirloom – that means Nik is ready to step up and “be a man”.

Anyway, Dean gives Bella the letter.

Cue the waterworks.

Colby’s monotone voice conveys the heartfelt message to his sister while a montage of him shanking a quite large man in the prison yard unfolds.

As predicted, Colby has taken Dean’s bedside advise to do “whatever it takes” to ensure he stays safe, even if that means being in solitude.

He also cuts ties with his sister, which breaks her.

Absolutely wrecked.
Camera IconAbsolutely wrecked. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

“I’ll always be your big brother, but you need to let me go,” the letter says.

It wasn’t the glorious death I wanted, although there was finally a shanking, and it seems the producers have gone for a quiet exit in the hopes we’ll forget about Colby rotting away is prison.

Ryder is also back, from his cocktail making resort and has a blue badge to prove it.

We get our first glimpse of our very own (if you’re in WA) Sam Barrett in her role as Chloe Anderson, “the difficult customer”.

It’s Sam’s first major acting role and being on Home and Away was a massive goal of hers.

Anyway, Chloe gets on the wrong side of Ryder straight away trying to order a Negroni without ID and then she shows him up in the cocktail department, which is his speciality.

Back to Nikau, and his urgent family business isn’t what it seems. He meets up with Chloe the new girl, and they clearly have history.

Nikau is about to tell Ari and Mac about Chloe, but Bella bursts into their house with tears streaming down her face.

Ari – who has also been in jail – understands why Colby wants Bella to forget him. Dean also agrees.

Back to the new arrival.

“Chloe’s in town,” Nikau blurts out.

Childhood friends.
Camera IconChildhood friends. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Naturally, Mac asks who Chloe is and Ari replies with a bit of a bombshell.

“She’s my stepdaughter,” he says, which is news to Mac.

Chloe turns up at their house and it’s a very emotional reunion with Ari.

She settles in and they reminisce about the old times.

But let’s not forget this is Summer Bay, so it’s not long before Mac tells Zig – with Ryder in earshot – and they start theorising about worst-case scenarios.

Ari is pretty shaken by Chloe’s sudden arrival but it’s clear they had a good relationship and he tells her she needs to tell her mum where she is.

Nikau is a man now.
Camera IconNikau is a man now. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

“I’m not comfortable with you staying here unless she knows,” Ari says.

But Chloe fights back.

They talk it out and here’s the backstory.

Ari and Chloe’s mum, Anna, were together before Ari was send to jail but Anna kept that a secret from Chloe who thought that Ari abandoned her.

“Mum told me you didn’t want to see us and I believed her,” Chloe says. “Mum lied to me Ari, and I hate her for it.”

Ari is a pretty decent guy and tells Mac all about his past.

“Losing the two of them broke me,” he says to Mac. “I never thought I’d love anyone again and then I met you and everything changed.”

He’s smooth and restores their happiness, but it lasts just minutes because Anna turns up at the door.

My immediate thought is how did she get there so quick? But time and space in summer Bay isn’t confined to our laws of physics.

To say Anna isn’t happy is a bit of an understatement and she’s here to take Chloe home, but neither Chloe nor Nikau are answering their phone.

It goes on for a bit but the kids stay out all night and Anna gets more worried.

Mac decides to move in for a few days to keep a close eye on Ari but he says it’s not a good idea just as Anna appears rather frantic.

Martha is loving having all the family back together again, but little does she know that her son Kieran is scrounging around for alcohol.

The alcoholic is back at it.
Camera IconThe alcoholic is back at it. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Keiran orders a vodka soda at Salt when Ryder notices and Keiran pretends he said club soda. Ryder is onto him though.

Still desperate for a drink, Kieran puts in a call to a local bottle shop and it gets delivered. It’s dark at this stage so that place really went above and beyond.

He stumbles out of his van in the morning.

He’s late for work too and there’s a line outside the gym by the time he arrives. Jas would not be happy that dead Robbo’s gym is falling into disrepute.

And could the wardrobe department at least get Kieran a pair of shorts or a gym top because the guy is rocking up in his worn out jeans and a jacket.

“I don’t want to cause trouble for the guy… he was trying to buy alcohol,” Ryder tells Roo.

Roo asks Keiran outright (which he denies because he is an alcoholic) and then pulls her mum aside for a bit of “girl time” to fill her in.

Hatching a plan.
Camera IconHatching a plan. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

They agree to keep the issue from Alf.

After more investigation Roo and Martha riffle though Kieran’s van.

“Can you smell that?” Roo says. “It’s like stale whiskey.”

And you knew it, at that moment Kieran’s figure looms over them ominously.

Finally Ziggy and Tane.

It’s been a while since they’re had a bit of air time but the producers make up for it.

Ziggy basically gawks every time she lays eyes on Tane and his massive arms.

Must be intimidated by the arms.
Camera IconMust be intimidated by the arms. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

She’s at Salt on this particular occasion.

“You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. Just give me a chance,” Tane says to Zig.

After an ad break they’re suddenly tearing each other’s clothes off. And then Zig wakes up from her steamy nap.

Their awkward dynamic continues for some time, at the gym, at the beach and then Zig can’t deny it anymore.

He’s at her house.

“I don’t want to talk,” she says to Tane. It’s a good sign that he’s in.

Then Mac gets home to discover the pair have just done the deed on the couch.

Still has a hankering for Tane.
Camera IconStill has a hankering for Tane. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

She doesn’t make a noise and instead expresses herself by letting her jaw drop to the ground because it has no doubt reignited her feelings for Tane at a very poignant moment when her own boyfriend’s old flame is in town.


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