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Home and Away all but confirms that Colby is never coming back and Keiran might be following suit if Alf gets his way — which he usually does.

Bella is sitting in the dark.

It turns out to be Colby’s room. We’re supposed to feel sorry for her but I’ve been a supporter of Colby’s exit for a while so the sob story is lost on me.

“He’s not coming back,” Dean says as tears begin to well in Bella’s eyes.

Permanently glum.
Camera IconPermanently glum. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Bella wanders down from her hovel in the dark to the diner but she’s not that excited to meet “Nik’s BFF”, despite Chloe’s best efforts.

“I know what it’s like to lose someone from your life that way. It changes everything,” Chloe says to Bella.

However Chloe’s efforts do work on Alf. It not only impresses him, but it gets Nikau off work.

Bella wants to take a year off TAFE — which Dean scolds at because he paid for it all upfront and he’s not allowed to let Colby down.

Ari and Mac finally get some quality time together but when Ari gets home Anna is sitting at the dining table.

She’s worried she’s losing her daughter and wants to talk to Ari… again.

“Seeing you again has brought up all this stuff,” he says to Anna.

She regales how she “tucked her little girl into bed and locked herself in the bathroom and cried into a towel so she couldn’t hear me” the night Ari was taken away in handcuffs.

They wonder what could have been if things happened differently.

Meanwhile, Chloe talks to Mac about getting a job at Salt.

“Wait, she’s not trying to get a job here is she?” Ryder shouts in outrage.

Chloe steps behind the bar and whips up some flaming creamy looking thing.

Happy hour.
Camera IconHappy hour. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

“I promise you won’t regret it,” Chloe says to Mac.

“If this is about Ari and my mum believe me I can handle it.”

Mac says it’s OK as long as Chloe talks it over with Anna and Ari. They’re agreeable.

And with Chloe staying, Anna decides she’s also staying. Probably not in Ari’s house though.

Bella and Ryder vent about how annoying Chloe is but there’s “bigger things going on”, like the front page of the paper featuring Colby being charged for another murder — of the prisoner he shanked and got put into solitary for.

Bella freaks out but it doesn’t really matter because it’s just further confirmation that Colby has left the show and it’s not likely he’ll get written back in on account of not one but two murders.

Just the news I wanted.
Camera IconJust the news I wanted. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

And I’d say that’s not likely because if dead people can come back from the dead, a soon to be double murderer also can.

Meanwhile Dean is struggling to pay the bills. Like the actual logistics of it like being on the phone, not the money side. But the producers make it out as if we mere mortals in the real world have never made the treacherous call to a call centre before.

First timer ringing Telstra.
Camera IconFirst timer ringing Telstra. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Now for Keiran the manipulator.

Roo asks for Irene’s advice… as a recovering alcoholic.

“When I was drinking I would move heaven and earth to be alone,” Irene says.

“Alcoholics can be very creative when it comes to hiding their booze.”

Ryder wants Roo to tell “Grumps” so “that way there’s one less Kieran”, but she has other plans.

She delivers some towels to Kieran’s van which is basically an excuse to go near the van. She walks around it and finds a stash of empty bottles chocking the wheel.

Roo cowering over Keiran’s lack of creativity.
Camera IconRoo cowering over Keiran’s lack of creativity. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Round the back of a van isn’t exactly the “creative” hidey spot Irene was talking about but it’s the evidence Roo needs to get Alf on board.

“Don’t freak out,” she says to her dad (which means we know he’s going to freak out).

Alf’s old-fashioned values usually annoy me but I don’t even care right now because anything that gets Kieran out to town works for me. His intense presence really annoys me.

As expected Alf reacts in full Alf manner.

“That flamin’ mongrel!” Alf exclaims as he storms off in hot pursuit of Keiran.

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