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Creating timeless and functional designs to suit the needs of every client is no easy feat, but for Summit Homes Group New Homes Design Manager Peter Wilkinson, the key is to optimise the varied skillsets of his team, embracing a ‘built around people’ philosophy.

Having established himself as a reputable designer at Summit Homes over the last decade, Mr Wilkinson recently spoke with New Homes about his favourite design trends and how the Summit team executes each one so faithfully.

Taking inspiration from a quote by Summit Homes Managing Director David Simpson, “to have a strong chain, you have to have really good links”, nothing is more important to Mr Wilkinson than the collaborative approach from everyone within the Summit Homes Group team.

“Multiple interests and life experiences within the team contribute to the design of a home floor plan, as Summit Group caters and appeals to a diverse range of people,” he said.

Since Mr Wilkinson’s last interview with New Homes in 2019, much has changed within the company, such as the inclusion of new building materials.

“Brick veneer is proven to have better thermal insulating and acoustic properties when compared to double brick and fully steel framed,” he said.

“We are conscious about the need for and uptake of alternative building methods. It’s no longer an additional option, we’re designing homes in brick veneer from the outset.”

In addition, Mr Wilkinson said Bluescope’s Truecore steel had allowed Summit Homes to push the envelope in home design, as the material offered a special combination of attributes.

“Summit Homes Group partnered with BlueScope’s Truecore steel to bring innovative lightweight construction methods to the market,” he said.

“Bluescope’s Truecore steel is a stronger and more durable building material, with fast installation. It’s also non-combustible and ideal for bushfire-prone areas.”

While the trends of the decades come and go (cue border wallpaper and carpeted bathrooms), some seem to stand the test of time, reinterpreted for modern day use.

“Hamptons and industrial styles are still timeless, seen over and over again with people choosing to modernise those trends to achieve modern-industrial and modern-Hamptons,” Mr Wilkinson said.

“Design is not just about aesthetics and the way something looks, it’s about being intuitive about the market.”

Designing homes that are practical for every stage of life is at the core of the Summit Homes design team.

“Creating spaces that are liveable and functional is crucial,” Mr Wilkinson said. “It’s about bringing indoor and outdoor entertaining and living spaces together to interact within the home.”

Thanks to the pandemic, Mr Wilkinson said homebuilders were more considerate of connectivity within the home.

“Staying at home for a period of time and working from home has forced people to really look at the design of their home and outdoor space, leading to reflections around outdoor spaces needing to be bigger, along with more living spaces,” he said.

“We are constantly challenging and questioning our designs. The traditional study space was on its way out, but now the pandemic has brought the space back into home design.

“Our job as a design team is not just about the design, there’s a lot of factors: location, orientation, block size, environmental factors, buyer appetite, household stage and resale value – we have to consider it all.”

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