Kmart launch $15 dupe of Kim Kardashian’s expensive Skims Cozy

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With Melbourne thrown into another shock lockdown, some women have revealed they’re turning to a “cosy” Kmart item to help get them through the chilly seven days indoors.

Shoppers have been snapping up a loungewear set from the budget retailer, with some pointing out the fluffy pants, top and dressing gown have a striking resemblance to a range from Kim Kardashian’s Skims.

But while many are raving about Kmart’s “cosy knitted” range, a few have claimed the popular set has an embarrassing issue.

TikTok user @meaghandorgan shared a video on Sunday stating she hasn’t “been able to stop thinking about the rip-off Skims at Kmart”.

After explaining she bought the $15 pants and matching $15 top, Meaghan described the fabric as “quite soft and nice”.

However, she then showed the back of the Kmart pants, revealing a hole on the seam across her bottom.

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“But after two days of wearing them, there’s a hole,” she claimed, captioning the video: “Not a great place for a hole.”

Others were quick to respond, claiming the same thing had happened to them.

“That happened to my sister-in-law too,” one woman said.

“OMG, me toooo,” another claimed.

Another said: “OMFG, I have the same hole. I completely blamed my other half for poking me there though when I bent over.” has contacted Kmart for comment.

Cosy lockdown essential

But while some said they’d been disappointed by the discount version of the popular Skims “Cosy” collection, which offers knit pants for $135 and a matching tank top for $80, others said it was “perfect” for winter – especially those who are in Victoria’s 7-day circuit breaker lockdown – which may be extended.

“I am all set for lockdown 4.0 in my cosy PJ set from @Kmartaus,” one woman wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of her in the cream pants and top.

“These @kmartaus PJs (cosy knitted top $15 and cosy knitted pants $15) are perfect for lockdown 4.0 … so soft and cosy! Just lounging around the house in these bad boys,” another shared.

While one Perth social media user who entered a snap lockdown in Perth last month said she’d “taken advantage” of the decision to wear hers.

In a separate TikTok, another woman raved about the matching slippers, saying the $14 fluffy shoes were “giving me vibes”.

Captioning her short video, “I’m actually obsessed with these”, the New Zealand woman said Chunky Outsole Slippers – which cost $12 in Australia – were something “everyone needs to buy”.

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