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There’s a new furry face in town, and his name is Humphrey.

The”ridiculously cute” koala joey was born about eight months ago at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and has recently started venturing outside its mother’s pouch, the zoo says.

It’s the first koala to be born at the Sydney zoo in over a year. Mother Willow has now had five joeys.

Senior Koala Keeper Laura Jones said the joey “is already beginning to try to eat eucalyptus leaves and is hanging on really tight to Mum’s back”.

Newborn koalas stay in their mother’s pouches for up to six months before emerging and attaching themselves to their mother’s backs.

Humphrey is beginning to spend a significant amount of time outside Willow’s pouch and will be too big to fit in the pouch within a few months.

Visitors can see Humphrey and Willow for themselves at the zoo’s Koala Encounter Exhibit.

Humphrey’s name has nothing to do with Humphrey B. Bear, the zoo emphasised.

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