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Leah brings Stephen home and Justin is finally where he belongs, in the doghouse with Christian aka Budget McDreamy, which I’ve shortened to BM these days.

“Leah brought home a man,” Justin says.

Unfortunately Leah hasn’t dumped Justin and he’s just some stranger she found on the internet who is also obsessed with tracking down Susie.

On their way to the doghouse.
Camera IconOn their way to the doghouse. Credit: Jeremy Greive

Justin is introduced to Stephen and he obviously disapproves of Leah’s new friend.

Details about Stephen’s character are still quite illusive but his livelihood was also ruined by Susie.

Can confirm the spelling is with a “ph” and not “v”.
Camera IconCan confirm the spelling is with a “ph” and not “v”. Credit: Jeremy Greive

At a time he had “so many tradies and mates” working on his property development and now he’s reduced to spending his days compiling information in an arch lever binder.

While I admire the organisation they pair have – at a glance there appears to be charts, highlighting and newspaper clippings, all in plastic sleeves – I also find it pretty humorous that they legitimately think they can find a singular woman who could be anywhere in the world.

Just look at that sexy binder.
Camera IconJust look at that sexy binder. Credit: Jeremy Greive

Stephen says the last sighting of Susie was some source who helped Susie change a flat tyre but thought “she was suspicious from the get-go”.

Anyway, Justin has since vacated the premises and joins BM on a bench aka the “doghouse” looking out on the picturesque water.

BM is still having his identity crisis.

Holding the title of the world’s best neurosurgeon (probably) simply isn’t enough for the man who has been to the other side.

He thinks he was “chosen” to survive and needs to find the “meaning of life” and quick because it’s his first day back at work tomorrow.

While this is going on, we get word that “Mac has lost the plot”.

Very good hair for someone having a complete mental breakdown.
Camera IconVery good hair for someone having a complete mental breakdown. Credit: Jeremy Greive

It seems like days ago when Mac started her bender, and she’s still hard at it.

Dean finds her on the floor leaning up against the kitchen bench surrounded by broken glass and blood dripping from her palm.

Dr Tori comes to the rescue and bandages her hand, but she raises her concerns for Mac’s mental state.

Dean says she’s been like this for “a few weeks” which must be one of the rare times the timeline of the script actually matches up real life time.

Back to Justin and BM who have suddenly changed their tone since their bro chat.

Justin is now willing to support Leah in her unwavering quest to find Susie and BM is ready to talk wedding plans.

Back from the doghouse.
Camera IconBack from the doghouse. Credit: Jeremy Greive

I’ll be completely honest. I missed most of this conversation but since I’ve been watching pretty much every night I can hazard a pretty good guess at what was said.

Although I did get this bit.

“As soon as you walk through those hospital doors, you’ll remember what you were put on this earth to do,” Tori says.

BM puts on a brave face but as suspected, whatever Tori said, BD was just paying lip service and as soon as the elevator doors at the hospital close and he’s out the public view, he face drops.

He goes down to the scene of the crime which is still cordoned off in police tape.

The ominous music plays as BM touches the various trays, picks up the restraints and proceeds to lie down on the very gurney he was (attempted) murdered on.

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