MAFS Australia 2022: Olivia’s bombshell claim about Ella

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Married At First Sight bride Ella Ding was the most popular bride this year, but Olivia Frazer has claimed there was a sneaky side we didn’t see.

Married At First Sight’s Olivia Frazer has made a damning claim about the show’s favourite bride, Ella Ding.

Speaking on the Where’s Your Head At? podcast, the 28-year-old former teaching student claimed beautician Ella, 27, convinced her TV ‘husband’ Mitch Eynaud to stay in the experiment despite the fact he “never liked” her.

“Mitch is going to kill me, I love Mitchell, I think he’s one of the best men on MAFS, but he never liked Ella,” Olivia told hosts Anna McEvoy and Matt Zukowski.

“It was never a thing for him, and she was like, ‘The longer we stay on this, the more money we make.’”

Olivia’s TV husband Jackson Lonie, 30, echoed his girlfriend’s claims, saying: “You could see that every time they got on the couch, something’s not right here.”

Ella was one of the best-loved cast members among viewers on this series for her loyalty to her friend Domenica Calarco, 28, and her level-headedness in the face of drama.

She is also the most popular influencer to have emerged from this year’s MAFS, with a huge 560,000 followers on Instagram.

But Olivia claimed there was a side to her viewers didn’t see.

“She always had this weird smug smile whenever I spoke to her one-on-one, she always seemed competitive with me over whose relationship was stronger,” Olivia said.

“I liked Ella, I thought we got along at the hens night and I was really surprised when she was so ‘team Dom’ and started having digs at me.”

Ella and Mitch, 26, remained together throughout the experiment up until final vows, when the latter dumped her despite her desire to stay together.

But a few weeks later, ahead of filming of the reunion episodes, the pair had rekindled their romance on the outside and returned to film the show’s finale hand-in-hand.

However, Ella has since revealed Mitch “ghosted” her a few days after filming.

She slammed him as “the worst guy I’ve dated” during an interview on The Handbags podcast in April.

“[Mitch] doesn’t believe in monogamous relationships. Mitchell is an enigma,” she said.

“I’ve dated a lot of men, and I am good at reading people. I have never met anyone like Mitchell. He is wired so differently.

“His first thing was, ‘I don’t really believe in marriage.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t I have a ring on and you read vows [to me]?’”

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