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A popular solution for keeping cool during the summer months, outdoor blinds and awnings take many forms and are available in a variety of materials.

While look and function naturally rate high on the list for those considering installation, ABC Blinds & Awnings Managing Director Mark Brice recommended prioritising durability and quality above all else.

“Look for blinds and awnings with a decent warranty and made from high-quality fabrics and materials that won’t fade, warp, crack or tear when exposed to the elements,” he said.

Mr Brice said popular outdoor blinds for summer included zipscreen blinds, retractable awnings (also referred to as folding arm awnings), pivot arm awnings and wire guide awnings, with the latter two great for sheltering interior spaces.

“One of the main benefits of pivot arm awnings is they can offer protection from direct sunlight and harmful UV light while you’re sitting on your balcony or by your window,” he said. “Having a protective layer against your window also reduces the amount of heat passing through the windows.

“Once installed over exterior windows or doors, wire guide awnings keep your home cool in summer and protect your furniture from damaging UV light.”

For alfresco areas, Mr Brice recommended installing zipscreen blinds.

“These blinds offer UV protection once installed around alfresco areas,” he said. “They can also help to keep out summer insects.”

For cover from the midday sun, Mr Brice said retractable awnings were an ideal option, suitable for installation over verandahs and patios.

“This awning acts as a supplemental roof or cover over any outdoor living space, working to block out sunlight and reduce heat,” Mr Brice said.

“On days when the weather is cooler, this retractable structure can be folded away to enjoy the sunshine.”

Whichever blind or awning suits your space best, Mr Brice said maintenance was a key part of ensuring product longevity.

“Lightly cleaning outdoor blinds and awnings with lukewarm water and a safe cleaning solution can improve their lifespan,” he said.

“Whenever your outdoor blinds or awnings aren’t in use, they should be wound down, raised or locked in a secure position. This can prevent discolouring or distortion due to overexposure to the elements.”

Mr Brice recommended getting a quote for outdoor blinds during spring to ensure installation in time for summer entertaining.


Zipscreen blinds and wide guide awnings:

Suitable for installation around pergolas, balconies and verandahs.

Pivot arm awnings:

Fitted to your window’s exterior. Can be installed over ground-floor and balcony windows.

Retractable awnings:

Suitable for installation over verandahs and patios.

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