Mare of Easttown finale final attic scene explained

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Mare of Easttown’s gripping finale unmasked Erin McMenamin’s killer in a reveal not many saw coming.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Mare of Easttown finale

While last week’s episode hinted Billy Ross (Robbie Tann) was behind the murder, the opening minutes in the final episode, which dropped on Binge yesterday, reveal it was actually John Ross (Joe Tippett) who was having an affair with Erin and fathered her young son, DJ.

While he initially admits to the killing to Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet), we soon learn John is actually covering for his 13-year-old son, Ryan (Cameron Mann), who was Erin’s real killer.

The whole Ross family became embroiled in the cover-up, after Ryan threatened Erin with a gun urging her to stay away from his family and shot her in a wrestle for the weapon.

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It was a huge twist but it made sense. No questions asked.

But, it seems there is one burning question around the very last scene, which sees Mare finally re-enter the attic where her son killed himself, seemingly in a bid to overcome her grief and move forward.

The music swelled as Mare wordlessly climbed into the attic — but despite the hopeful tone, some viewers questioned whether Mare was returning to the scene of her son’s suicide to follow in his footsteps and take her own life:

The show’s creator Brad Ingelsby has said the show’s creative team were concerned this could be the takeaway for some.

“It’s a really cathartic moment. It’s definitely a moment of hope. Like we definitely … It was in the edit, we were like, ‘Is anyone going to think Mare is…?’” Ingelsby told Decider.

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“It was definitely on our minds, but we experimented with a couple music choices and we felt like that one was hopeful enough that we were confident an audience would go, ‘Oh, this is her going to confront the thing that’s been haunting her.’

“And so we one hundred per cent wanted it to be a moment of hope at the end, that leaves you thinking Mare is going to be OK.”

He added: “I’m hopeful it doesn’t ruin it. We wanted it to be a moment of hope at the end, you know?”

So there you have it.

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