Mullumbimby signs say covid vaccinated people aren’t welcome

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Businesses in a NSW town just a stone’s throw from iconic tourist destination Byron Bay have been banning entry to people vaccinated against coronavirus for at least two weeks after their jab.

The handful of business owners in Mullumbimby have not only made a habit of sharing misinformation, but could be compromising the future health of the wider community, local vaccine activist Heidi Robertson told

A hairdresser, yoga studio and massage therapy business are among those in the area to erect signage telling people who have received a jab to stay away over fears they would “shed” the virus.

“If you have had a Covid-19 vaccine we ask you to attend online, reschedule or practice at home for a studio minimum of two weeks, or longer until any symptoms subside,” one of the signs read.

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“Longer than two weeks may be requested by your teacher or practitioner. Please check in.”

Such messaging has become dangerously commonplace in the area, which has long been regarded a hot spot for anti-vaxxers.

Ms Robertson, who lives in the Mullumbimby area, said she struggled to comprehend the logic behind the harmful messaging.

Her website, Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters which has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation, has been working to eradicate misinformation surrounding vaccines.

“I’ve seen the signs for myself and have heard a lot of chatter about it in various online platforms,” she said.

“We need to concentrate on what the people who know what they’re talking about are saying. The immunologists and the virologists.”

Intensive Care specialist doctor Rachel Heap compiled the information on the NRVS website, which was fact checked by the WHO and does not receive any sort of funding.

Concerns residents will be ‘sitting ducks’

If messaging encouraging locals to avoid getting vaccinated continued, it could put the area in a broadly compromising situation if there was an outbreak in the region, Ms Robertson said.

“It’s a real worry because we are just a massively popular tourist destination because of people coming into Byron Bay,” she said.

“If people hear this kind of nonsense and don’t get vaccinated, we are going to be sitting ducks when the borders open and it’s going to rip through our community.

“It’s not going to be good for anybody when it comes to health, the economy or tourism … it’s not a good situation to be in.”

Ms Robertson also noted her confusion surrounding the messaging coming from anti-vaxxers, who typically denied the severity of Covid-19 and regarded it not dissimilar to the common cold.

“Personally, I can’t really get my head around it … if they are covid denier, why are they worried about a covid virus shedding from a vaccine?”

“That doesn’t make sense to me,” she added, speculating anti-covid vaxxers perhaps were more focused on having their overall stance on immunisation known.

NSW Health shuts down conspiracies

Addressing the latest misinformation being spread by business owners, NSW Health confirmed Covid-19 could not be spread from the vaccine.

“You cannot get Covid-19 from a Covid-19 vaccine. To get Covid-19, you must be exposed to a live Covid-19 virus. No Covid-19 vaccine currently approved for use in the world contains a live coronavirus,” a spokesperson told

“Side effects following Covid-19 vaccination such as tiredness, headache, muscle aches and fever are common and expected, and are an indication that the immune system is responding to the vaccine.

“These symptoms are not an indicator that you have an infection caused by the vaccine. NSW Health urges everyone who can be vaccinated to do so.

“Vaccination is a vital step in protecting you, your family and the community.”

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