NSW Police fine Sydney driver for ‘dangerous’ fridge delivery in Bondi Junction

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Police have slammed a Sydney driver for their “dangerous” method of transporting a fridge.

Highway Patrol officers were keeping watch in the Bondi Junction area on May 29 when they spotted a sedan with a fridge precariously perched on top of the boot of the car on Oxford Street.

Pictures shared by NSW Police to Facebook show the fridge laying horizontally across the boot.

Straps are looped around the appliances and fed through the back windows before being tied in a knot. The fridge was resting on a blanket, draped across the boot of the car.

“There are several ways to transport a fridge safely, and then there’s this guy,” NSW Police captioned the image.

Officers intercepted the car and told the driver to make other arrangements to transport the enormous appliance, before slapping him with a fine.

Police then issued a warning to other motorists.

“Dangerous and unsecured loads are a hazard to other road users and pedestrians,” police said.

“When transporting furniture, bulky goods, sporting goods, tools or any other item in a ute or trailer, please ensure they are secured appropriately or covered in accordance with the Road Rules 2014.”

Many unimpressed community members commented on the NSW Police Facebook post, offering advice on how they would have transported the fridge.

“He was doing it all wrong. He should have tied it to the roof, that would have been better,” one person said.

Another said: “Doesn’t he know you should transport fridges upright? Or the gas will leak out and the fridge will stop working.”

Others raised concerns while some mocked the motorists.

“From a policing perspective, is this a Cold Case?,” another person queried.

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