Paul Rudd pulls ‘Mac and Me’ gag on Conan one final time

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Conan‘s 11-year run on TBS is finally coming to an end this week, with host Conan O’Brien moving on to a new variety show at HBO Max. But before the curtains finally close on the late-night talk show, guest Paul Rudd dropped by to impart a final parting gift.

Crashing Bill Hader’s interview, Rudd claimed to have brought footage of Hader and his failed SNL skit to show O’Brien. Of course, as is tradition, that was a blatant lie. Instead, Rudd played a scene from 1988 film Mac and Me featuring a young boy in a wheelchair rolling off a cliff. There is also an alien.

If you’re surprised, then I’m sorry you’ve only just started watching Conan now.

“It’s been like 25 years of you coming on the show,” said Conan, recalling the many, many times Rudd has shown him that exact same footage, even dating back to Conan predecessor Late Night With Conan O’Brien. “Every time, for years, I would be convinced that I would see the real clip [of a current project] because you are such a genuinely nice person…. And then you pull that shit every time!”

Rudd also revealed he originally contemplated using a scene from Baby Geniuses for the running gag instead, introducing the alternate clip that didn’t make the cut. 

It turns out exactly how you’d expect.

The final episode of Conan will air June 24 on TBS, but it’s a fair bet that Rudd will make sure Mac and Me haunts O’Brien forever.


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