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Double-brick homes have long enjoyed booming popularity in Western Australia. The vast majority of new home builds – some 90 per cent – are made from double brick, in part due to the ubiquity of sandy lots, which are well-suited to the material.

Aussie Living Homes and BGC Housing General Manager Anthony Staltari said brick was what Perth had grown up with and it represented familiarity.

“Here in WA we have an abundance of raw clay materials to manufacture high-quality bricks, so they have always been a popular building material here,” he said.

“Bricks also provide great structural integrity and are aesthetically appealing.”

While newer construction methods are gaining momentum, there are still plenty of reasons to opt for brick over other materials, according to Mr Staltari.

“Bricks have natural thermal properties, which contribute to the overall energy efficiency of homes,” he said.

“They are perfect for the WA climate because they help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

“The density of bricks, especially in double-brick homes, also creates sound insulation without the addition of other wall materials.”

In addition to carrying natural fire retardancy properties, bricks are fully recyclable and, in comparison to other traditional building materials like wood, have a much longer lifespan, Mr Staltari said.

“As well as being more durable, the construction capability of brick far outweighs other building materials, making double brick an ideal choice when building multi-storey homes,” he said.

Mr Staltari said greater design flexibility meant choosing brick often led to a more affordable outcome.

“With such a large range of colours and textures to choose from, brick is our customers’ primary choice,” he said.

“The introduction of more prescriptive design guidelines over the last 10 years means we have greatly diversified our offering to include a variety of materials for the facades of homes.”

These guidelines have led to a mixture of face brick, rendered brick and timber panel being used on many single-storey home facades, according to Mr Staltari.

“Fortunately, brick complements other materials really well and is a great contrasting element, so it is never hard to find a winning combination,” he said.

Choosing the right brick is critical to the look of your home, so Mr Staltari recommended visiting a showroom to be able to visualise your selection.

“But, if you get sick of the colour in a few years’ time, you can always render and paint brick,” he said.

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