Qld Covid-19 updates: No new local cases or lockdown as truck driver from NSW link confirmed

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The deputy premier said Queenslanders were ‘not out of the woods’ after a family of five tested positive, but could ‘breathe a sigh of relief’ for now.

Queenslanders have narrowly avoided a snap lockdown for another day as the state recorded no new cases of Covid-19.

A family of five set the state into a spin after they all tested positive, a cluster which authorities have now linked to NSW.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles thanked Queenslanders for doing the right thing, and said the region could “breathe a sigh of relief”.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, though,” he said.

“But this is the best result we could have hoped for at this point of the outbreak.”

Chief health officer Jeannette Young said she was certain a family of five in south Brisbane contracted the virus from one of three NSW men who entered Queensland for essential work.

“(A gentleman) crossed the border from NSW into Queensland, and then … went and stayed with this family who’ve since tested positive,” Dr Young said.

“We did get confirmation yesterday that two of those three have tested positive, so I’m now confident that’s where the virus came into Queensland to infect those five people, but those two people had minimal exposure in Queensland.

“They had not been around and about so that is good news.”

One of the men has tested negative and is quarantine with his family.

The other man has returned to NSW.

Dr Young said NSW Health had advised her overnight of yet another positive truck driver who had been in Queensland and travelled through Brisbane on September 7 and 8 while infectious.

“We’ll just be checking any exposure venues from that truck driver,” she said.

More to come.

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