Rock thrower torments Adelaide suburb

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Residents in Adelaide’s north are fed up, exhausted and terrified in their own homes due to a mystery rock-throwing menace causing chaos in their street.

One woman was taken to hospital after being struck in the head on a suburban street in Burton, with locals resorting to covering up windows and cars, parents locking children inside and police unable to figure out who has been tormenting residents for the last six months.

Local woman Eda said the perpetrator had damaged cars and property but “now they’re targeting us”.

“When we go outside, they know we’re outside and they hit us,” she told NCA NewsWire.

Eda said she was struck by a rock while gardening in her backyard but others have been hurt more seriously.

On Tuesday night, police said an 18-year-old was hit on the head by a rock and suffered a concussion.

When an ambulance arrived to treat the young woman, the paramedic’s vehicle was also struck by flying rocks.

Authorities have resorted to installing temporary CCTV on the street but the menace continues to avoid punishment.

“These people don’t care,” Eda said, who refused to reveal her surname. “While the media was here, they were still throwing them this morning. They were throwing screws and stuff.”

Locals said they had no idea if the culprits were young, old or a group of people “because we can’t see where they’re coming from”.

“We can’t see them when they’re flying,” Eda said. “All you hear are the bangs or if you see it maybe a metre away from you.

The local said she was standing next to the 18-year-old who was injured by the flying rock on Tuesday night.

“She just went to go move her car out the way because one rock had hit her car window,” Eda said.

“And then a rock hit her on the head really hard and it was so loud.

“We’re very frustrated,” she said, insisting the authorities could do more to protect residents.

“The neighbours don’t even let their kids play outside. We’re so tired, we just want it to end. We just want them to get caught and dealt with before other people deal with them.”

Superintendent Guy Buckley from the local police division told ABC Radio the authorities shared the locals’ frustration.

“We’re down there talking to them regularly,” he said on Wednesday morning.

“This is the frustrating part from our side – we’ve been standing with members of the community when the rocks have been coming down.

“And to this point, we still haven’t been able to detect who is actually launching the rocks.”

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