Schoolgirl, 13, who claimed boy, 10, made her pregnant expecting second baby

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A Russian schoolgirl, who previously claimed a boy, 10, made her pregnant, has announced she’s expecting a second baby

Darya Sudnishnikova was just 13 when she conceived her daughter, Emilia, now 11 months, hitting headlines around the world after claiming on national TV her then 10-year-old ex boyfriend, Ivan (Vanya), was the father.

But Russian experts said it was “impossible” and Darya later claimed that in fact she became pregnant after she was raped by a boy, 15, on a stairwell, but had been too ashamed to admit it.

A criminal investigation is ongoing.

Now 15, Darya told her followers she believes she is six weeks pregnant, and has seen a gynaecologist, discussing her struggles to decide whether or not to have a termination.

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“I don’t know what to do, I really do not,” she told a Telegram online channel.

“I cannot decide on an abortion, because I do not know exactly how many weeks.

“If it is really six weeks, it is already a foetus.

“But I cannot have this baby because I clearly realise that I am unable to raise another child.

“I already have one. I will not have any time for the second one.”

The father is allegedly a 17-year-old named Maksim who she has been in an exclusive sexual relationship for around eight months.

Darya told how her mother Elena, 36, and boyfriend reacted when she said she was pregnant.

“She was deeply shocked and said: ‘Shall I beat you with a belt or …? I said – ‘No, please.’

“Then she asked, ‘Who is the father?’

“I said, Maksim.”

She also claimed her boyfriend called her “stupid” after discovering the unexpected pregnancy, slamming his reaction online.

“I took birth control pills, but THEY DID NOT WORK!” she claimed.

When follower suggested it was “wrong” to have sex at her age and without a condom, she replied:

“You should ask Maksim. Why did he not use condoms? Not me.”

“If a person is ready for sexual intercourse and fully trusts his or her partner, it is all right. Why do you need to wait until your 18th birthday?”

The schoolgirl, who earns approximately $9000 a month since rising to social media fame as a teen mum, has 650,000 followers on Instagram and clocked up more than one million on TikTok but her account is currently blocked after complaints she is underage.

Her earnings are 12 times the average adult monthly salary in the Russian region, Krasnoyarsk, where she lives.

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