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With new builds beginning to sprout from the record land sales recorded in a year like no other, New Homes delved into the style trends expected to emerge in 2021.

BGC Housing Group Executive General Manager Michael Bartier said the events of last year were having a follow-through impact on the desires of homebuyers.

“As a result of the state and federal government grants, we’ve had an unprecedented number of land sales in Western Australia,” he said.

“With people starting to build in the new year, we expect to see a number of design trends heavily influenced by an increased desire for homes people want to spend time in.”

Mr Bartier listed his top six style trends.


Indicating a departure from the sleek, hard lines which have been popular in recent years, Mr Bartier said he expected to see a rise in curved walls and features.

“Sweeping curved walls and grand archways will be a favourite for homebuilders in 2021, creating an elegant look while softening sharp, blunt edges on other walls or pieces of furniture,” he said.

“This design is incredibly versatile and can be used to create a traditional, heritage look or a more modern, contemporary style, depending on preference.”


Mr Bartier said rooms with features that were not perfectly symmetrical yet still complemented each other would be another trend this year.

“Asymmetrical designs are more visually engaging and interesting, creating depth and layers to an otherwise ordinary room,” he said.

“This design style also helps to make a space feel more relaxed and casual – as it doesn’t look too structured or rigid.”


Changing lifestyles when it comes to working and spending more time at home is another key consideration, calling for the design of flexible spaces.

“We are expecting to see a rise in designing spaces which can easily be divided or include additional amenities to make their use more diverse,” Mr Bartier said.

“Features like sliding doors, partial wall dividers, joinery units or curtains will be more prevalent.

“Flexibility is also improved with additional power points, sinks, desks and tables.”


When it came to colour, Mr Bartier said the hard whites and high contrast of minimalist design would begin to make way for warmer, more homey tones in 2021.

“Earthy, natural tones will be one of the top colour palettes for homes in 2021,” he said. “Different to the classic minimalism, which has been popular for a number of years, the earthy colour scheme creates a relaxed, warm and soothing atmosphere.”


The way rooms are illuminated should also see a shift, according to Mr Bartier, who noted that lighting had a huge impact on the style and feel of a room.

“Working and living at home in 2020 has seen an increase in appreciation for natural light sources,” he said.

“Large, soaring windows will be a trend for homes being built in the new year, as this helps brighten up the home and connect you with the outdoors.”


Mr Bartier said he had noticed sustainability was becoming a greater priority for buyers.

“Homes with environmentally friendly features, such as energy efficiency, solar panels, rainwater tanks or something as simple as ceiling fans will be popular choices in the new year,” he said.

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