Sydney veterinarian warns of infectious and deadly leptospirosis in Collaroy

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A Sydney veterinarian has reported a case of a dangerous and infectious disease which can be fatal for dogs, warning pet owners to be vigilant with vaccinations.

Bacterial infection leptospirosis, which can lead to fatal liver and kidney failure, was reported in a dog at the Collaroy Plateau Veterinary Hospital on Sydney’s northern beaches on Thursday.

The veterinarian facility said in a Facebook post the case was particularly alarming because the dog had no history of travelling outside the area.

“Dogs become infected by directly coming into contact with urine from infected rats or contaminated water sources,” the veterinary hospital said online.

“Early signs of infection in dogs are generally non-specific and include vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, and fever, before progressing to fatal liver and kidney failure.

“We are now recommending all dogs need to be vaccinated against leptospirosis.”

The virus can also be spread to humans, with the outcome just as deadly.

Last month, Farmers NSW linked a mouse plague in the state’s west to an increase in cases among humans in the Western NSW Local Health District.

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