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Achieve your desired effect and transform your home by playing the style cards right.

New Homes spoke with industry experts on the dos and don’ts when combining different tones and textures within your home.

Broadway Homes Interior Design Consultant Anne Dello Iaco said colour had the power to create a relaxing, calm and balanced mood.

“Walls should be a backdrop and set the tone for other main pieces of furniture, scatter cushions, artwork and decorative accessories,” she said.

“Using shades of a single colour is a way of changing the mood and personality of different rooms.

“For example, grey is a versatile colour and it can be warm or cool. It can be taken down nearly white or all the way up to charcoal. Charcoal can be accented with olive greens and rust colours, while teal and navy also works well with greys.”

Ms Dello Iaco said the neutral palette of warm whites was gentle, calming and liveable.

“With this palette, faded terracotta, coral and also dusty blues complement one another and don’t overwhelm the space or pieces within,” she said.

Rounded Edge Style and Stannard Homes Interior Stylist Nicola Draper-Henkel said the benefit of using different tones and textures together provided a layered effect evoking warmth and interest, however you should choose contrasting colours carefully.

“Try to avoid too many pattern clashes if drawing from different tones, as they will potentially be fighting for attention,” she said.

“For example, a patterned wallpaper or rug is fine but then introduce a plain fabric sofa with textured scatter cushions in similar tones to work with your selections.

“Don’t be afraid of a pop of colour either – this always draws the eye and can really lift a room. Cushions, ceramics or some greenery are all great ways to achieve this.”

Ms Draper-Henkel said tonal consistency worked best, and she often drew inspiration from nature to direct this, as there was an abundance of complementary tones.

“Neutral earthy tones when used together create a warm and layered effect, which in turn can evoke a cosy lived-in vibe,” she said.

“The feeling evoked in a space when tone and texture is perfectly balanced is one of harmony and satisfaction.

“Each carefully chosen item works seamlessly with everything else in the room and a beautiful flow and connection is created.”

On the contrary, using differing tones can also have an ideal result.

“Black and white, whilst at opposite ends of the spectrum, can work incredibly well together,” Ms Draper-Henkel said.

“When used in combination they create an elegant and timeless feel, yet at the same time offer a modern and fresh approach to a space.”

The Aria by Stannard Homes.
Camera IconThe Aria by Stannard Homes. Credit: Joel Barbitta/D-Max Photography.

To ensure your home’s design will remain stylish and timely when using different textures and tones, Ms Draper-Henkel said her advice was to always keep big ticket items such as large pieces of furniture fairly neutral.

“That way in time when you either tire of certain items or they date a little, you can easily change things up without too much of an outlay,” she said.

“A recent example of this was the refresh I did of the Aria display for Stannard Homes.

“For the most part the main furniture was all reused but brought back to life with a carefully curated selection of new, current soft furnishings, wallpaper and lamps.”

To ensure you have the ideal result at the end of the designing process, Ms Draper-Henkel said to take the time to stand back from your creation and assess it.

“I often take a photograph as the perspective is always slightly different through a lens,” she said.

“I then edit by taking something away or switching for another option altogether.”

Lastly, Ms Draper-Henkel said combining different elements in your home should be fun – that is important.


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