The 5 Best Natural Hair Extensions to Use This 2021

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Do you like having thicker hair, but don’t have the time to grow them? Don’t worry, because all you need are natural hair extensions to do the trick. Made from the highest-quality mane, natural hair extensions look just like your own hair — no one would be the wiser. As it could be hard to choose from the many types available, we’ve made the selection process easy by compiling a list of five of the best human hair extensions in the market.

Halocouture by Halo Hair Extensions

Halocouture is a popular tape-in hair extension from the world-renowned Halo company. It is effortless to apply given its non-slip, medical-grade tapes. Once placed, it can blend in with your natural hair for as long as 6 to 8 weeks.

Since these hair extensions are made with Remy’s hair, they help you achieve instant volume and length naturally. Another great thing about Halocouture human hair extensions is that they are available in various colors and highlights. However, it only comes in three lengths: 12, 16, and 20 inches.

So, if your real hair is longer than any of these, you need to go for the Vario or Bellami Bambina 1 type of hair extension.

Bellami Bambina 1 Clip-in Hair Extensions

When it comes to natural or synthetic hair extensions, clip-ins prove to be easy to use. As its name suggests, all you need to do is clip these products on your hair, and you’ll instantly get the long hair you have always wanted — with additional body and volume.

Although clip hair extensions online are usually made from synthetic products, you can go the natural route with Bellami’s Bambina 1. Made with Remy human hair, this clip-in set can make you feel like you only have permanent natural hair on.

Bambina 1 is also made to complement any look, many thanks to its different length and weight types. Fine-haired women can get the 18-inch/120-gram package, while those with very thick manes are best off with the 24-inch/240-gram product.

If you’re looking for a unique color, chances are these hair extensions have it for you. With 19 options to choose from, you can even get clip-ins in a sterling silver shade!

Eden Tape-in Extensions

If you want volume for your thin hair but dislike applying glue or welts, Eden’s tape-in hair extensions are perfect for you.

Since they look and feel like the real thing, these tape-ins don’t feel any different from your hair. Its range of hair extensions lasts 6-12 months as they are made from high-quality, 100% Remy human hair.

You can get any of the ten European tape hair extensions, or take a pick from the nine luxe Russian extension range. Thicknesses vary from half head (50 grams) to full-head ultimate glam (200 grams).

If you’re skeptical about the shade for your hair extensions, a human hair color match is readily available for you. With this, you can easily pick 11 free samples online and have them shipped to your home.

Eden Australia also offers 60-day returns and various payment methods, including Afterpay. With the buy now, pay later method, you can shop for your hair extension in four installments.

Vario Clip-in Hair Extensions

Do you have a limited budget? Instead of getting synthetic hair, you should spend your money on Vario’s real human hair extensions. With stably-sewed clips attached, they can last a great deal without hurting your scalp.

Made with 100% human hair, Vario extensions are pre-packaged in 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22-inch lengths. There are also 14 shade options available. This natural setting has the perfect tone for your real hair, from the lightest blonde to jet black.

While Vario is perfect for those looking for cheap clip-in hair extensions, it does have a drawback. You can’t dye it in any other shade you wish since it has already been pre-treated. So, if you prefer human hair extensions that you can dye in the future, it’s best to shop for Eden hair extensions instead.

Kinknetics Clip-in Hair Extensions

Women with kinky hair often face the challenge of finding the right hair extensions. Fortunately, Kinknetics can save the day. Made with top-quality, 100% virgin human hair, these extensions are made to last. Kinknetics hair extensions are also available in various patterns, including the loopy 3 A/B curls, the 3 B/C tight corkscrew curls, the tightly-coiled, densely-packed 3C/4A hair, and S/Z-patterned 4 A/B curls.

While Kinknetics is a perfect choice for semi-permanent extensions, know that it can take a toll on your wallet. For one, you are going to need two sets to do a full scalp of hair. And if your tresses are more than 20 inches long, you will need an additional box to finish your look.

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