The Masked Singer Australia: George Calombaris’ children’s reaction

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Celeb chef George Calombaris’ children had no idea he was on The Masked Singer – and he filmed their stunned reactions.

Former MasterChef judge George Calombaris was the second contestant revealed on The Masked Singer on Tuesday night – and the celebrity chef watched it all unfold at home with his two unsuspecting children.

Calombaris filmed the whole thing, as his two children first expressed disappointment that the ‘Duster’ had been voted out after an energetic performance of Shake Your Tailfeather.

“Who do you think it is?” he asked – with his son guessing surfer Mick Fanning.

Judge Jackie O almost gave the game away on-screen when she threw in a last minute guess for Gordon Ramsay, pointing out that some of the clues suggested it could be a celebrity chef.

Then, the big reveal – and a lot of screams from his kids: “OH MY GOD! HOW? WHAT THE HELL!”

Calombaris’ reveal wasn’t without controversy, with some viewers criticising the choice to have him on the show given his past scandal about the underpayment of workers at his restaurants.

“Whatever they say on Twitter, I don’t even bother. I just want to create. I just want us to be nice to each other,” Calombaris said of the backlash during an interview with the Mix94.5 breakfast show – Pete, Matt & Kymba – this morning.

“It was a tough couple of years and they are behind me now.”

This season of The Masked Singer started with a bang, with British film star Vinnie Jones providing a genuine surprise to viewers when he was the first celeb revealed during Monday’s premiere.

Jones was all smiles on screen – but gave a less enthusiastic appraisal of the show during an interview with Kyle and Jackie O on Tuesday, telling them he signed up for the “big cheque” and that he found the top-secret filming procedures annoying.

“You know what, as soon as the cheque clears, then the big stick comes out and they start whacking you on the arse with it. They started bossing me around,” he said of his behind-the-scenes experience.

“I wanted to give a few of them a little slap, but every time I wanted to do that, they put a cape over my head and I couldn’t see anyone.”

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