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Wanting a home suited to their current and future family needs, as well as reflecting their dream style, Carolyn and Paul Nugent opted to build their own home in City Beach.

The couple spoke to New Homes about their build, which was completed in April this year.

What was your favourite part of the design and build process?

This is our first build and the overall experience of being part of creating our own home to suit our family’s needs was very exciting. We knew what we wanted the home to look like and the feel we wanted to create. The team at Weststyle were then able to take our ideas and suggestions and put those into reality, creating a home we absolutely love. It is an exciting process which requires input from all those involved. Using Weststyle’s in-house skills allowed us to have a beautiful home that fulfilled our dreams. Having a builder who is not only flexible with change but willing to advise was imperative for us.

How would you describe the style of your home and how was this style executed?

It is a modern home with a unique design using materials that complement the location. Being close to the beach we wanted a relaxed, casual feel which was easy to maintain. We expressed this from the start and worked with the architects and stylists to create spaces which invited casual, relaxed living and allowed us to enjoy the beautiful ocean view.

How did the location of the site influence the design?

Being a corner and triangular block, there were challenges in putting our desires into a plan that met building guidelines, but Weststyle worked diligently to achieve our wants in line with council requirements. We wanted our living and entertaining area upstairs to maximise the views and to have as much natural light as possible.

What functions did you want your home to provide?

Minimal maintenance, right height working spaces, spacious rooms, in-floor heating, high energy rating and easy and functional spaces with plenty of open air and natural light.

What is your favourite part of your new home and why?

The living area upstairs with the beautiful sea views. The master bedroom with ensuite is also a special space.

How did you overcome any challenges during the designing and building process?

A close relationship with our builder, which promoted open and clear communication, was so important. We always worked to resolve any issues as they appeared and Weststyle always listened and offered advice and gave prompt responses to any changes or problems that arose.

What advice would you give to people looking to build?

Find a company that will listen to you, one that you feel comfortable with, and one which has in-house skills for the complete package. Get a builder who wants to create your home, who is willing to be flexible and who has a good team approach.

CONTACT Weststyle, 9345 1565, www.weststyle.com.au


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