Waleed Aly clears up allegations about aged-care residents’ access to Covid-19 vaccine

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The Project’s co-host Waleed Aly has cleared up bombshell allegations made about the aged-care facilities and their access to the Covid-19 vaccine.

During Monday night’s episode, guest Kate Howard said that her family has been desperate for her 95-year-old grandmother to be vaccinated for months, and that no one in the aged-care facility where she lives has even received the first dose of the vaccine.

This came after Health Minister Greg Hunt’s claimed that 100 per cent of aged care residents had been vaccinated.

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Mr Hunt initially said that 100 per cent of Victorian residential aged care facilities have been vaccinated, however, he later backtracked, saying a “lack of uptake was down to residents refusing the jab.”

Tuesday’s episode had the Federal Secretary for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Sector Annie Butler weigh in on the issue the country is currently facing with their aged-care facilities.

Ms Butler agreed that the rollout for workers and residents at these facilities to get the vaccine has been incredibly hard, with “too much confusion.”

She put it down to the government not keeping “reliable data”.

“I’m not shocked because we’ve been asking for months about what data and information they have on how the rollout is going. That seems to have been a very difficult thing for the government to actually even consider. One of the big problems is that there hasn’t been any clear good central co-ordination of the whole process and co-ordination is absolutely key.”

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Fortunately, Aly soon cleared up that Kate Howard’s grandmother was scheduled to be vaccinated this week, following her claims on the show.

“We spoke to Kate who had a grandmother who was to be vaccinated. It sounded different to what the Federal Government said about the vaccinations in aged care, this discrepancy. It caught us by surprise and we tried to figure out what was happening with the discrepancy. We figured out that Kate was under the impression this was a Commonwealth run facility at the time. We followed up with the Federal Government. They said it is a State Government run facility. That’s been confirmed to us via Kate, it was a State Government run facility. That raises questions for the Victorian government, as to exactly what’s going on in that home.

“So, that’s the next step of this. Just for us to try to get answers. The good news

for all of that, is that Kate says that her grandma is scheduled to be vaccinated tomorrow, a wonderful outcome for her.”


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